New Story Started. New Story Done.

In a fit of “I hate this novelette, dammit, but I’ve got this other idea—” I started writing a new story this morning: “The Priestess, the Baku, and the Emperor.” Four hours and 1,200 words later, it’s done.


When I began it, the concept was significantly longer, with the opening intended to serve as something of a prologue. But when I finished the prologue, I thought, “Hey, this could be a complete story if I just add that bit I was saving for the next scene and wrap up the foreshadowing here…”

So I did, and it is. I think. At 1.2K words, it feels a little wispy and also falls outside most categories of flash, but I suspect it’s too somber to be well-received at children’s markets. On the other hand, wispy sorta works.

Guess I’ll just keep open the possibility of returning to my original concept and making this a longer work, at least until I get fosteronfilm to first-reader it.

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