Gah! I can’t believe they’re doing it. They’re conference calling me in for a full day’s training session! I thought they’d send me the handouts and maybe a quick synopsis, but no, they’re actually calling me in for the whole day!

My ear’s going to fall off. Even with my handy dandy headset. It’s going to just drop off my head.


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2 Responses to Noooo!!

  1. farshad says:

    Hehe I have done MANY of those conference calls. Never for training but should be easier then since they won’t need much of your input. Get a book just in case, make sure you have someway to mute your end, and lay somewhere quite, preferrable next to a window so you can look out and day dream. And it should pass by like a breeze 🙂

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Sigh. Pass by like one of those stagnant miasmas that linger over swamps, more like. And, *whimper*, I don’t sit next to a window. I’m in the middle of a row of clone cublicles.

      Maybe I’ll organize my pens . . .

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