On the Mend

Had a nice relaxing day yesterday, napping and lying about. Matthew went out and rented Serendipity (at my instigation) and then we camped out on the couch, with popcorn and warm drinks, and watched it while Hobkin lounged on top of us.

Twas a flawed movie. Fun, but I’m glad we didn’t pay money to see it in the theater. Very predictable, with more than its share of sap, but a good “Eugie’s sick” sort of film.

I’m on the mend. I decided to take another day off from work. Just going to take it easy and cruise into the weekend.

Hoping that I’ll be well enough by Saturday to make a trip into town to the Science Fiction and Mystery Bookshop.

Also got a note back from Jane Jewell at the SFWA. She’s expediting my membership application. Looks like I squeaked enough to get some oil.

And got a note from Planet Relish. They’re looking for a fiction editor and I sent a note to them saying I’d be interested in their consideration. It’s a volunteer position (“for now,” they said) and a semi-pro webzine, but it looks like it’d be good experience. Not to mention fun. They sent a questionnaire to all their applicants and from the answers I sent back, I’m short-listed on their “to call” list. It’s nice, for a change, not to feel stressed about an interview. I’d like this opportunity, but it is unpaid and would take up a huge amount of my time, so if I don’t get it, there’s plenty of argument for “it’s for the best.”

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  1. terracinque says:

    What are the requirements for joining SFWA? I’ve never had an sf story published, but I have written and produced two puppet plays at the Center for Puppetry Arts that are definitely science fiction.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      That sounds likely that you qualify for Active Membership.

      Their website: http://www.sfwa.org. The page with their membership requirements: http://www.sfwa.org/org/qualify.htm.

      In a nutshell:

      “The minimum requirement for active membership is the professional publication (acceptance and payment) of three short stories or one full-length fiction book or a dramatic script. Collaborations with a single co-author may be used as a half-credential.

      “Associate membership is available to beginning writers who have had at least one professional publication but are not yet eligible for active status. Neither non-fiction nor poetry will be considered for this or active status. Dues for Associate members are 50.00 dollars (US) per year.”

      Incidentally, that’s very cool! What were the titles? Matthew and I have seen several plays at the Center for Puppetry Arts. We might’ve seen one you wrote!

      • terracinque says:

        Thanks for the link. I may not quite be there yet, as my shows have all been short, not full-length plays, and the third one is in production as we speak and won’t debut until next month.

        I did an XPT several years ago about a paraplegic who becomes a werewolf.

        I did an XPT this year, a sock puppet show, about what happens to our socks when we lose them out of the laundry.

        And next month I’m in Spooky Puppet Horror Show II, with a ridiculous piece about a mad scientist and his creation. Y’all should come to that one!

        Back on-topic, what are the advantages of SFWA membership?

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Dang. We wanted to go to the sock puppet/laundry one, but didn’t get around to it. The Spooky Puppet Horror Show looks like much fun. We will definitely try to make that one.

          As far as benefits of SFWA membership (from the website):

          “All members receive our quarterly Bulletin, a copy of the annual membership Directory, The SFWA Handbook, and copies of our model paperback and hardcover contracts. In addition, active, associate, and estate members receive our in-house newsletter (The SFWA Forum). Only active members may vote for officers and the Nebula Awards®.

          “SFWA supports a Grievance Committee, legal counsel, a Speaker’s Bureau, and a Circulating Book Plan. There are Special Interest Groups for writers interested in Young Adult fiction, Poetry, Electronic Publication, and Comics. Various committees monitor contracts and royalty statements, maintain contact with other writers’ organization, set standards for author/agent relations, and help members deal with the strange world of science fiction conventions.”

          I’m in it (once my stupid membership application clears) primarily for the Bulletin and the networking opportunities. The Bulletin is available to non-members, but it’s part of the membership dues as well. So, I thought I might as well join up and get it that way. It’s an excellent trade journal for the SF writing biz. Between it and Speculations, I feel like I’ve got my bases covered. Plus, trade journals and memberships are tax deductible as business expenses which makes the whole dues/subscription fees thing a lot less irksome . . .

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