Penguin Poking

Patricia Kirby pointed me to this really silly bit of Monday morning diversion: Poke a Penguin.

Keep on poking, keep on poking . . .



Writing Stuff

My writing muscle is floopy. Started on a new fairy tale re-telling and it was like my brain was sludge. The words just would not come. Plan for today: caffeine and sugar. I’ve already started on the “sugar” part. Leftover Pixie Stix from Dragon*Con. For breakfast. Whee!

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8 Responses to Penguin Poking

  1. jimhines says:

    “Leftover Pixie Stix from Dragon*Con. For breakfast. Whee!”

    My insulin pump shorted out just reading this…

  2. astralfire says:

    I wonder what Pixie Stix and Coffee would be like. I can only assume that a padded room would be the end result.

  3. dude_the says:

    The depths of penguin poking

    OK, now, much can’t be determined about the creator of our universe from the fact that poking the penguin is so amusing. *nod* Yup.

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