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So folks are speculating after the recent LiveJournal layoffs about the future of LJ. (See also this article and this one.)

While I’m not inclined to put too much stock into rumors, I’d be sad if LJ closed down shop—although at the same time I don’t feel that the world would end if it did. But I did decide that it has been too long since I made a complete back-up of my blog. Rectified now.

In case anyone else is casting about for a good archiving application for their LJ, lemme recommend LJArchive (downloadable from SourceForce). While it seems that it’s no longer being supported or upgraded, it’s free and a pretty elegant little bit of software. It archives comments as well as posts, synchronizes smoothly, and does its job quickly and easily.

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  1. j_cheney says:

    I suspect that if LJ were to fold, there would be a suddent drive forsomeone to develop the software to upload the entries into either Insane Journal or Vox…(which you can’t currently do). Necessity is the mother of invention.

    I’ve backed up, too, my own blog and the Rejections Log, and have already staked out territory over there, just in case…I expect the recent scare has given us all reason to be more diligent. ;o)

    • arkady says:

      There’s no software to directly import entries from one journal to another, but with Semagic you can post simultaneously to several journals at once – including cross-platform to Vox, Blogger etc.

      You can back up communities with ljarchive as well as personal journals, too, BTW.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Eugie. I confess to never having done a back-up of lj posts. Will go and do so.

  3. safirasilv says:

    I’ve never actually thought of backing up LJ. I rarely refer back to old posts. (Although if there’s software available, I might as well do it.) What I’d miss would be the contacts I’ve made–but frankly I’ll save a lot of time where it to vanish!

  4. safewrite says:

    Thanks for the back-up link, Eugie!

  5. amandamagick says:


    I am ashamed of myself for not writing in this blog more often. I would be very upset though if they closed LJ down. I am a bit of a blogging addict though and post more to my myspace and Bravejournal.

  6. neo_prodigy says:

    “I’d be sad if LJ closed down shop—although at the same time I don’t feel that the world would end if it did.”

    Yeah I pretty much feel the same way.

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