RETURNING MY SISTER’S FACE: Reviewed by Holly Phillips at Fantasy Magazine

Pretty much been crashed out on the couch this weekend in deep recovery mode. Stirred myself up to try to rev up the work engine this evening—with less productivity than hoped, but what else is new?

Saw that Returning My Sister’s Face got a fabulous review from Holly Phillips at Fantasy Magazine:

In this elegant collection of stories Eugie Foster bridges the gap between the traditional fairytale and historical fantasy. Throughout the collection she alternates between re-tellings of Chinese and Japanese legends and original stories with elements drawn from the same deep wells. There is a formality to the writing that suits the traditional strain, giving a timeless authority to all the stories without making them unapproachable.

Read the whole review.


Also received an invitation to submit a story to another DAW anthology. Must start stoking up the muse. Rah!

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6 Responses to RETURNING MY SISTER’S FACE: Reviewed by Holly Phillips at Fantasy Magazine

  1. mouseferatu says:

    First, congrats. 🙂 I’m glad to see the book getting at least some of the attention it’s due.

    And second, I’m hideously envious. I want to start getting invitations to anthologies. 😛

    (I suppose publishing more short stories in print is a good first step toward that–since, while I have a few out there here and there, in terms of fiction, I’m mostly known for novels by those few who know me at all.)

  2. norilana says:

    Oh, that’s one superlatively wonderful review, congratulations, Eugie! 🙂

  3. whitecrow0 says:

    Congratulations on the good review!

  4. Great review and wonderful DAW news. Get geared up!

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