Robin Hood, writing news I can’t divulge, and some I can

After a terrible week at work (technical difficulties are cropping up for everyone of late. What’s up with that?), had a nice, relaxing evening last night. glenn5, after a bit of geographical location awkwardness, swung by with key lime pie. Matthew cooked up his broccoli pasta a la Matt, and we watched the DVD of Robin Hood–the Errol Flynn one. When debating our entertainment selection, there was discussion of something noir-ish, but somehow we ended up with Robin Hood. Go fig.

And there was pie. Mmm. Hobkin kept trying to get at my slice of pie. The fuzzwit likes key lime and whipped cream. Well, who doesn’t?

Also, via one of my writers groups, I got presented with a writing opportunity that I accepted. It’s not a huge deal like a novel contract or even a sale. Heck, I’m not getting paid for it, but it has some perks, not the least of which is more name recognition in the SF writing world. I’m quite pleased. But I can’t say what it is yet.

I can say something else, though. I think I actually missed announcing this when it cropped up, so I’ll do it now: I sold “Cyberevenge Inc.” to the Dreams and Shadows 2 anthology, edited by Richard Lee! Rah! Richard is also an editor for the new horror ‘zine, Sinisteria.

A little contextual background on this story: I wrote this as a catharsis when I was being plagued by a nasty little wart of a cyberstalker. I’m pleased that something worthwhile came from that ugliness. Me ripping a page out of Harlan Ellison’s book–when someone pisses you off, write a vicious, horrific little story and get it published so everyone can ride along with you on the vicarious-disgust-and-fury train. Whee!

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  1. soyfaerie says:

    You’re vegan, right? What’s the recipe for the broccoli pasta? Mmmmm….

  2. Is it about everyone’s favorite cyberstalker, the plagiarist?

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