Saturday wakeful

Matthew and dude_the are asleep still, and Hobkin’s snoozing on my lap. I am the only awake being in the house.

No sign of Patrick, but Kristin came by yesterday for a marathon viewing of Firefly. She’s also going to try to show up on Sunday for the game thingy. Hurray!

Worked on the formatting of my website with dude_the. I think I fixed the Safari bug. I hope. And I’ve got a better grasp of positioning coordinates and what they mean in CSS. Theoretically . . .

Also got a transatlantic call from Max! He’s a good friend of ours that we spent a lot of time with when we lived in the Midwest. After he graduated, he moved to London (the lucky bastard). He’s started a theater company there, the Icarus Theatre Collective, and the opening night of their first production is this Tuesday. I’m so excited for him!

By Eugene Ionesco
directed by Max Lewendel

Professor: John Eastman
Pupil: Cara Horgan
Marie: Beth Newbery

White Bear Theatre Club
138 Kennington Park Road
London, SE11 4RB
2 Minutes From Kennington Tube Station

Dates: 3rd – 7th February 2004
Time: 7.30pm Tue – Sat
Tickets: £9 / £6 Concessions
Box Office: 020 7793 9193

“The Lesson” is Ionesco’s disturbing, absurdist masterpiece brought to you
now by the Icarus Theatre Collective.

In this ‘antiplay’ of verbal dominance, an old professor in a small village
finds youth in a new pupil. Ionesco’s comic drama outlines a chilling
string of events that carry this piece to its climactic finish.

Toronto Stage

Chicago Reader

“When a meek professor begins spewing forth linguistic analysis in a fury of
didactic passion while his pupil whimpers in pain, we’re as bewildered as we
are frightened. How and when did the emotional stakes escalate? We don’t
know–and that’s precisely Ionesco’s point.”

London Times

For further information and images please contact:
Max Lewendel on 07969 554 210 or 077 9242 8820.

He asked me to write a little blurb for their program book which explores the Icarus symbolism and the philosophy behind their theater company. I was delighted to be asked, and my muse apparently was too. Rattled off a quick piece for him and sent it off. Hope he likes it.

Hmm, might be getting to be time to wake up the boys. Coffee and muffins!

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  1. britzkrieg says:

    Whoa! The new user icon is freaky! How much caffeine have you had this morning???

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Heeheehee. I’ve been riding the Java wave pretty hard this weekend, but I made the icon when I was in a “fiddle around with digital pix” mood–caffeine-free. Thought it was time to have a new one.

  2. gannet says:

    website seems better now

    The frame is where it ought to be.

  3. Is that you on the icon? Very interesting!!

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