Secretary, Coupling

Matthew and I watched several episodes of Coupling (the BBC one, not the atrocity which was the American adaptation that died quickly–as it should have). And when we were done wiping the laughter tears from our eyes, we watched Secretary.

I totally missed Secretary when it came out in 2002. Despite winning the 2002 “Special Jury Prize for Originality” at Sundance, I hadn’t heard much about it.

It’s a must-see for happy little BDSMers everywhere. I’ve thought James Spader was cute, quirky, and a bit sexy from his roles in Stargate and Wolf, but after seeing him in Secretary, ohmygod! He has, in a single bound, jumped up to the top of my drool-fetish-male-fantasy list. *swoon* I must see Sex, Lies, and Videotape now.

Secretary is marketed as a “dark romantic comedy” but I think that’s mostly because they didn’t know what niche to stick it into. It’s a wicked, naughty, sensual movie of power, relationships, and self-affirmation. Better than Story of O. Much. It was absolutely delicious.

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5 Responses to Secretary, Coupling

  1. ex_debgirl0 says:

    yes. James Spader is my #1 on my Sexiest man EVER list!!!

  2. rachelvallee says:

    Did you see White Palace? He has the ability to rivit you to your seat all the while make you bounce! James is the sex.

    Sounds fantastic, I will look it up.

  3. I haven’t seen Secretary – I meant to when it came through Athens (Briefly at Tate Center Theater), but I have heard raves about it, I must go find it.

    So far as Coupling (BBC Version) – quite possibly one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in awhile – my favorite bits alaways seem to involve Jeff – “Because he is Jeff, and there is no known cure.”

    I should be showing the first episode of the BBC version at Dragon*Con.

  4. alleypat says:

    I bought Secretary. It’s awesome. spader can look at me ANYTIME lol

  5. whirl_twirl says:

    “Better than Story of O.” OK, now THAT caught my attention. Of course, I’ve only read the book; missed when the movie came out. I wondered how well it translated onto film.

    (note to self: must watch Secretary) I need a good movie. And not the usual Hollywood kind.

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