Session ’07 Day 22 and Campbell Award

This is my second and last year to be eligible for the Campbell Award. I suspect it’s a long shot, but herein my plug:

If you’re going to WorldCon this year, Nippon 2007, or went to L.A.con IV and are a supporting member, Nominate me? Pleeeease?

Okay, now I flop. Was at work past 10PM last night. My eyes are having trouble focusing. And the General Assembly is back in session today after their recess. Oog.

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7 Responses to Session ’07 Day 22 and Campbell Award

  1. matt_wallace says:

    I don’t roll that deep, but I do know a couple of folks who are planning to make it to Yokohama. I’ll pass your pitch along. They’ve got their own preferences, but they’re also pretty scared of me (for obvious reasons) so I’ll make as strong a case as possible.

  2. Hey, is that a story nomination? I’ve read Snickerdoodles, but that may not be the best choice. Give me your best story, please. I did go to LACON IV. When’s the deadline?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Actually, it’s for the “John W. Campbell Best New Writer Award” which is presented at the same time as the Hugos. Jay Lake and Elizabeth Bear were the last two years’ winners, respectively. I don’t think I’ve got much chance, but I thought I’d at least put a shout out.

      Um, the deadline is March 3.

      However, I’d be delighted to send you anything to read of mine, published or unpublished; I always am. But you probably already knew that . . .

  3. keesa_renee says:

    You would totally have my vote if I could vote, Eugie. You know I think you’re the greatest living author alive, or something like that. 😉

  4. klingonguy says:

    Personally, I think Naomi Novick is going to win it, but that didn’t stop me from a bit of campaigning (okay, more than a bit) at Boskone this past weekend. I’d love to make the ballot.

    And I’ll be happy to put your name to one of my five nomination slots. Author, Editor, Reviewer, and all around Calendar Girl, you deserve your shot!

  5. Get yourself some rest.

    Unfortunately I didn’t do LA Con last year, nor an I afford a trip to Japan this year, but I will send out psychic vibes for you to get a nomination!

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