Session ’07, Final Day of the 2-week Recess

Things are beginning to ramp up again at work as the legislature gets ready to re-convene on Monday. For a while there, I was actually making it home at a normal time and having evenings with the hubby. Although this two-week recess has pushed session through mid-April, I’ve kind of enjoyed having a mini-break. I was getting frazzled and stressed, and my pile of back-burnered things-to-do was on the verge of achieving sentience and eating my brain. My stress-o-meter is still nudging the red, but I’m pretty confident that a meltdown isn’t imminent.

fosteronfilm got passes from a movie publicity person for a screening of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie on Sunday that will debut the trailer for the upcoming third movie. They’re encouraging folks to come dressed in pirate gear. He passed the word around to Dragon*Con folks, and it looks likely that there will be a strong D*C pirate contingency. Hope I’ll be able to attend, but I think there’s a decent chance I’ll have to work.


Writing Stuff

Managed to plow through a healthy swath of both Tangent and The Town Drunk items. Huzzah.

– Note from the editors of Aberrant Dreams that they’d like to do a signing for their forthcoming shiny new anthology at Dragon*Con, and would I be able to participate? (It also was an oblique reminder to submit my D*C guest application, which I have now done.) Of course I said yes, and hopefully I sent them in the right direction to get the ball rolling on the coordination thereof.
– Payment from paul_m_jessup for “The Goddess Queen’s Battlefield” forthcoming in issue #2 of GrendelSong.
– Payment from my editor for my April Writing for Young Readers column, “An Interview with Judy Burke of Highlights for Children.”

New Words:
– 1300 new words on the story, which I’ve subsequently re-titled “Better a Heart of Fire.” I didn’t finish it last weekend. Actually, I barely worked on it last weekend. It felt too much like a holiday having the weekend off, and it felt too much like work adhering rump to chair and cranking out words. We’ll just call that a lapse in writerly discipline and consider me properly chagrined. Been swiping snippets of time–between editing bills, on the train, after dinner–to lay down words. It would behoove me to bring this to zero draft before the session re-convenes next week. Meep.

It’s looking like this is going to exceed my initial word count estimate of 3K, but not by much. I hope. Revising my estimate to 3.5K.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,253 / 3,500

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5 Responses to Session ’07, Final Day of the 2-week Recess

  1. matt_wallace says:

    . . . so if you do get to go to the PotC screening, are you dressing as a pirate?

  2. Geez, Eugie, sounds like you are being worked to a soft lump of beaten pulp. Hope this is over soon! Take your vitamins!!! (Okay, this is the mom in me coming out, but come on; enough is enough.)

    Congrats on the D*C news. I know you’ll be mobbed with fans.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hee! Mobbed by fans. As if.

      sounds like you are being worked to a soft lump of beaten pulp. Hope this is over soon!

      Less “soft lump of beaten pulp” and more “moderately squashed pile of jelly.” Actually, this last couple weeks hasn’t been so bad. I expect next week will hugely suck, as Tuesday is “crossover day,” Day 30, the deadline for introducing new bills. But the stress and hectic levels have been massively down this week, which has been a nice respite.

      Take your vitamins!!!

      Yes, ma’am! (Or should that be “mom”?) I do, every day. Anything to bolster my @#$!^ lame-ass immune system.

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