Session 2008: Day 12

Observations made this morning during my commute: The prevalence of cell phones, and especially itty-bitty Bluetooth phone headsets, makes it tricky telling who’s nutters and who’s actually talking to a real person these days.

Then again, who hasn’t mumbled to themselves on the train for giggles and guffaws?

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10 Responses to Session 2008: Day 12

  1. ellameena says:

    Well, personally, I don’t think that having a bluetooth headset is exactly proof that you’re not nutters. I hate those things.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Very true! But now it’s a lot harder being able to distinguish between the nut jobs talking to themselves and the nut jobs talking to other nut jobs.

      • leahbobet says:

        Yes! This bothers me. Differentiating nutjobs is one of my urban survival skills.

        And now if I talk to myself loudly while walking home in an iffy part of town late to ward off crazies, people just think I’m on a headset. 🙁

      • basletum says:

        Who’s a nutjob, I’m no nutjob, shut up nutjob, who said that?! *proceeds to run around and slap random people with a dead fish*

        [Hmmm, note to self: get a Bluetooth. Hehehe….]

    • cdennismoore says:

      Agreed. I can’t stand those things. I’ve seen people sitting in restaurants with friends, their friggin’ bluetooth crammed into their ear as if they’re so important they might get a call any second they absolutely HAVE to take. Get over yourself already.

  2. scyllacat says:

    Heck, Eugie, I’m starting to become acclimated. I saw a guy talking to himself the other day and it took me several seconds to assure myself that he had no headset on, he was really just crazy.

  3. gardenwaltz says:

    They are all nutters. Run! Run!

    er, things good here, how about you?

  4. newroticgirl says:

    Heh… A neighbor caught me talking to a cat who had *just* darted underneath a parked car. Really! There was a cat there! Honest! 😉

  5. What’s so bad is that folks think I’m nuts when I answer them! May the blue-tooth and the lingering spirits prevail in spite of my idiocy.

  6. basletum says:

    Can you hear me now? *snickers and runs off*

    BTW: my evil twin tagged you, you can find it on my 2/9/08 LJ entry titled I Got Tagged.

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