Skunk show prep

Going to the skunk show today. Hobkin’s primped and preened, blankets and snacks are packed. britzkrieg will arrive in a couple hours. The only thing left is to load the car and take down the pen.

A whole day of skunks!

Hobkin takes his beauty sleep seriously.

Wish us luck!

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14 Responses to Skunk show prep

  1. quasiskunk says:

    He’s too cute for words 🙂
    Hope he does well at the show, Eugie ^.^

    And if you see a Champagne colored skunk called Sophie, tell her and her owner Hi for me please. 🙂

  2. cussedness says:

    Way cute, way precious! I hope he does well at the show and that you both enjoy yourselves.

  3. cmpriest says:

    fuzzy skunk belly!
    they know we cannot resist …

  4. britzkrieg says:

    How preciousssss! See you both soon!

  5. ROTFL.

    Pretty cool pics, though the one of him in the blanket is the best. Have fun. ^^

  6. OMG the cuteness!!!!

    You a brit have fun, K? 😀

  7. Good luck, Eugie!!

    ~Maggie 🙂

  8. That second picture is crazy-insane cute.

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