Skunk waking and more meds

Took a Tramadol to ease the wingstubs and it knocked me out pretty hard. All woozy now. *wobble* Wouldn’t even be up, except some fuzzy beastie who will remain Hobkin was hungry and would not be fobbed off by my “Mmm wha? It’s not breakfast-time yet . . . skunk, go ‘way. Shoo!” He’s now curled up beside me being all cute and cuddly, so at least I feel appreciated.

The doc decided to up my prescription dose another 20Mg (to 60Mg/day for anyone keeping track). When I tried to beg off any more monthly follow-ups, as I suspected, he said no, but he did agree to put off the next one by two months. Eh, better than nothing. And he did adjust the dosage so there’s a legit. reason for him to want to check-in with me. Thibbity.

fosteronfilm‘s brother will be arriving at Chez Foster this evening. Our house is still deplorably messy despite a flurry of vacuuming, tidying, and miscellaneous scrubbing. Both brothers have August birthdays, so I baked a cake. Think I’ll also bake some beer bread for tonight. Ain’t I just the domestic diva?


Writing Stuff

Received a 33-day “a good read and I enjoyed its strange originality” bounce from Strange Horizons with a “look forward to your next.”

Also queried Son and Foe about a submission after it passed the 30-day mark, and it seems my story fell through a crack or two and never got read. Happily, thanks to my query, it’s been found and is now being evaluated.

Many thank-you notes I need to pen to Critters folks. Instead, I think I’ll have a nap . . . snzzzzzz.

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9 Responses to Skunk waking and more meds

  1. terracinque says:

    Mmm…beer bread and cake…

    Wait. Beer bread? What brand of beer? And how do you eat that? Do you butter it? Do you have buttered beer bread?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Well, where did you think buttered beer came from?

      You haven’t had my beer bread? It’s quite good, if I say so myself. In the past, I’ve used Guinness, but this time around I’m trying Killian’s Red. I’ll definitely bake some the next time you swing by for dinner.

      • terracinque says:

        You haven’t had my beer bread?

        I most certainly have not! *engage pout*

        I’ll definitely bake some the next time you swing by for dinner.

        Oh! Well. Good then! *power down pout*

      • wistling says:

        What? Beer bread? I’m just getting used to the idea of zucchini chocolate cake by . My bakeosphere can’t take that much change in a week!

        The nailbiting begins on my Strange Horizons sub – it’s been 42 days for me. Of course, I always jinx it when I mention it.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Beer bread, yup. Mmmmy. The beer replaces all of the wet ingredients as well as the yeast. The carbonation and yeast in the beer makes the rise/wait cycle unnecessary so it’s easy to make. Just mix everything and pop it in the oven. No kneading required. And the baking removes the alcohol as well. It makes a hearty, rich-tasting bread.

          Good luck on your SH submission!

  2. keesa_renee says:

    I am so sorry those nasty wingstubs are bothering you again! Surely sooner or later your wings will go ahead and sprout, and you’ll be able to fly?

    On a totally unrelated note, today was the first chance I had to read ‘Second Daughter’ (I tried to read it earlier this week, and my computer crashed. Go figure.) It’s beautiful, Eugie! Absolutely beautiful; I loved it. No surprise there, of course; you wrote it and Bill accepted it, which is a pretty good indication that it would be good. But it was even better than I expected. Hopefully we’ll see lots more Eugie-submissions at TSR in the near future!

    (And maybe that bit of well-deserved praise will make the wingstubs feel so ashamed of hurting such a wonderful writer that they’ll slink off in shame and never be heard from again!)

  3. Feel better soon, Eugie.

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