Still sick, but happy

Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes and/or alien mucus-harvesting commiseration.

Writing Stuff

Having a very good sales month! Just found out that the editor liked the rewrite I did of “The Wizard of Eternal Watch and the Keeper of Forever” and he wants to buy it for his Razor-edged Arcanum anthology. Hurray!

In less “yay” news:
4-day “it was well received but . . . ” from Lenox Ave.
105-day “not for us” from Feral Fiction.

But y’know, the sting of rejection is pretty toothless after a series of juicy sales.

Still oozing mucus. Returning to bed.

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16 Responses to Still sick, but happy

  1. mr_zeugma says:

    Oh, shut and be sick, will ya? Enough with this bragging about sales–it’s mmaking the rest of ill.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

  2. horrordiva says:

    sorry you aren’t well 🙁 But seriously stoked to hear about all your wonderful acceptances 🙂

  3. Spring is just around the corner!! I hope you feel better soon.

  4. nmsunbear says:

    Wow! It seems like you’re selling stuff every day! I hope it’s making the illness more bearable. Get well soon.

  5. raecarson says:

    *crowns Eugie Miss Prolific Short Story Seller*

  6. aimeempayne says:

    Congrats on yet another sale!

    Hey, those Feral Fiction guys have been hard at work. They “no’d” one of mine, too.

  7. jack_yoniga says:

    Eugie: Trying to send you email, but both addresses I’ve tried (your personal site one and your Tangent one) have bounced back to me.

    Can you drop me a line, please? Thanks.

  8. fings says:

    Hey, I thought you might find this interesting: “How much does a SF/Fantasy author make?”
    He did a survey on genre advances, and had 74 authors respond

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