Superglued my writer’s hat to my head . . . .

I’ve been putting it off, telling myself that I didn’t want to do it until I could sign up for Active membership, and then I see on the Rumor Mill that the current issue of the SFWA Bulletin has an interview with GVG, Ellen Datlow, and Gardner Dozois about what they’re looking for when they go through their slush piles. Like a taser to the head, it becomes crstalline-creature clear to me that I should have subscribed to the Bulletin already. SFWA Members–both Associate and Active–get the Bulletin as part of their membership so it makes sense for me to go ahead and toss them my stupid application, write them my stupid check, and have done with it.

So Associate membership it is. Sigh.

Maybe I’ll make enough pro level sales this year to qualify for Active membership.

But hey, membership dues are tax deductible. Whee.

On a less boring note in the life-of-Eugie, I’m going to go see Spiderman this afternoon. Nice, escapist fun. Maybe I’ll splurge on a packet of Twizzlers.

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2 Responses to Superglued my writer’s hat to my head . . . .

  1. katen says:

    *starts reconsidering an associate membership herself*

    What’s been keeping me away is the pain of being the non-income earning spouse. My woderful husband never bugs me about it and is extremely supportive of my writing career (it’s been his idea that I “just write”), but I’ve always had an income. Now, not so much. But the membership might be worth it.

    Btw, Hi! I’m Katherine. I’ve had my writer’s hat stapled to my head. 😉

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hi Katherine. Pleased to metcha.

      Wish I could get out the nail gun and staple my writer’s hat to my head, but quitting my day job just ain’t financially feasible. Sigh. You’re very lucky to be able to write full time. I’m quite envious.

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