The Line Between Mad Scientist and Evil Genius

I’ve been doing a lot of psychology research of late—the halo effect for “Whatever Skin You Wear” (which I didn’t end up using when I changed the story’s scope) and recently oxytocin, the “moral molecule.”

And I am reminded again how much I love psychology and also that I’m somewhat sad that I’m not active in the field. Probably just as well. I’d enjoy far too much being a mad scientist/evil genius…

One of my favorite quotes from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series:

Riley: Psychologically this is fascinating, doesn’t it make everyone wanna lock them in separate rooms and do experiments on them? [everyone stares]…Just me then.

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5 Responses to The Line Between Mad Scientist and Evil Genius

  1. klingonguy says:

    Speaking as someone with a PhD in psychology and plans for world domination, I’d be happy to take you on as a senior minion. Benefits include a lab of your own, full access to the subject pool of lesser lackeys, hostages, and the townspeople of whatever venue the flying fortress of diabolical writery currently enjoys, and reimbursement of fees incurred for relevant continuing education courses (e.g., Stross’s seminar in maniacal laughing in suboptimal atmospheric conditions).

    Think about it. If you’re going to be at Worldcon, we can discuss it further there. 🙂

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Sweet! Can I have my own set of laboratory electrodes? Ah, who’m I kidding? I’m willing to share electrodes with my fellow researchers. Sign me up!

      Oh, but dangit, I’m not going to be at Worldcon this year . Fooie.

      • Laboratory electrodes are extra-fun if you share.

        My side of a phone conversation with my husband (who uses ’em) once went: “What happened? …What did you do to the undergrad? Oh. Well, I take it you need to clean that up. Wear gloves, okay?”

  2. fings says:

    In a recent Girl Genius comic, one of the minor characters is a Mad Social Scientist.

    • As another mad social scientist…

      I absolutely loved “I always insisted that the children be let out of their containment tanks for Christmas!”

      Though I’m a bit confused about their having Christmas, since I’m not sure I’ve seen a single church or cross so far.

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