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Well, F&B didn’t chuck my story back at me for being too long, but I got a “going to pass on this” from one of the assistant editors. Suck.

Got a $25 gift certificate from Micro Center and took off an hour and a half from work to go with Matthew to spend it. Two hours later, we’re still stuck in traffic, and haven’t even gotten onto 85 yet. So we turned around and came back home. We’ll go out again later this weekend, not during rush hour, but it was a frustrating and disappointing Friday afternoon.

Also, my lab results came back. I’m not one of the folks who can’t tolerate Imuran, so have the a-ok from my Rheumatologist to go ahead and fill the prescription and start taking it. But I’m finding I’m quite reluctant to. I like being on fewer meds. Plus, there’s a slew of side effects to this one, par for these sorts of meds, I guess. They include: nausea/vomiting, increased frequency of infections, easy bruising and bleeding, and risk of developing cancer or leukemia.

Yes, I realize I should be taking something to keep me from having a MCTD/Lupus flare-up, but these drugs are scary.

Dragon*Con staff meeting today. I feel exceptionally blah. Hoping seeing some friendly faces will give me a pick-me-up.

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  1. Wish that Mike and I could be there to see you. My car had issues yesterday and I cant make it down till I see a mechanic.

  2. kittymel says:

    Hope the meeting cheers you up!

    Yep, those drugs do sounds scary. has had some luck with homeopathic remedies in the past.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Y’know, I haven’t even considered homeopathic alternatives. Perhaps it’s time I start researching them, as I’m not really happy with what traditional medicine is offering me. Do you or have any suggestions for where I might start my quest? Resources or references?

      • kittymel says:

        Andrew and I both have seen an excellent osethopath in the Atlanta area – Dr. Armond. As far as homeopathic rememdies, I have seen a homeopathic doctor in the past in NC, but usually I just do a great deal of internet research or speak with the specialist at my local health food / vitamin store.

  3. Hmm, dunno about that cancer thingy. It’s a risky business!

  4. terracinque says:

    You probably want to avoid cancer and leukemia if you can.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thank you for that brilliant bit of advice . The trade-off is that I’m not currently on any strong immunosuppressants, so I’m vulnerable to having a Lupus flare-up. My last flare-up lasted two months. I’ve heard of people having flare-ups that lasted years. And they damage the body.

      So I feel like I’m gambling with my long-term health prognosis either way.

      Stupid physiology.

  5. pleroma says:

    I hope the meeting goes well today. Unfortunately, I’m down in Baton Rouge for the next few days and can’t quite make the drive to the meeting today.


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