Top 10 Most Useful Droid Apps

As I promised yesterday, herein my list of the Top 10 Most Useful Apps that I’ve found thus far for my Droid (in alphabetical order):

  1. AnyPost: A client. Lets me update my Facebook, LJ, Twitter, and MySpace accounts with just one update from my Droid.
  2. AP Mobile: Associated Press news headlines and articles.
  3. ColorDict Dictionary/Thesaurus: Offline and online dictionaries and thesaurus.
  4. ColorNote Notepad Notes: Nice text/notepad app. Allows you to add widgets of individual notes onto the home screen.
  5. Dial Zero: Gives the customer service numbers of over 600 companies and advice on how to skip directly to a real, live person so you don’t have to wade through those annoying voice prompt menus. Used this when the satellite TV went out at my mom-in-law’s over Christmas. Got a real person immediately. When we called back later using the number provided on her billing statement, got the voice prompt runaround. Dial Zero win.
  6. DockRunner and Lightning Bug: Okay, that’s two apps, but they serve a similar purpose, and I couldn’t decide which one to include. DockRunner toggles the docking mode without needing the dock station, launching the snazzy clock/weather/slideshow/music display. Lightning Bug is another bedside clock app, this one with new age sound effects like rain, waves, and white noise to lull you to sleepy land.
  7. Google Goggles: An amazing visual search app. Instead of searching via words, it uses a picture taken of an object from the Droid’s camera to recognize the object and return relevant search results. Amazingly accurate.
  8. Movies by Flixster: Movie show times, trailers, reviews, etc.
  9. ShopSavvy: Use the Droid’s camera to scan any barcode and get a listing of online and local prices of that item.
  10. Talk to Me and Google Translate: Another two-for-one, but again, they perform similar functions, and I couldn’t choose between them. Talk to Me is a real-time speech-to-speech translator, but the number of languages it can do is limited. Google Translate only handles text-to-speech translations, but its database of languages numbers over 50.
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