Tuesday back to the grind

Despite the faint pinging in my skull this morning, I ventured back to work today, armed with Sudafed and many OTC analgesics. Made it through most of the day feeling pretty chipper, but toward the mid-afternoon, my head began throbbing and pounding again. Ugh. The last hour was torturous.

While lounging insensate on the couch yesterday, there was a lot of passive entertainment pandering. We watched Haunted, a properly Halloweeny ghost story starring Kate Beckinsale. It was a mite bit predictable, but there was gratuitous Kate Beckinsale nudity, which makes everything good.

Also watched The Wicker Man, the 1973 movie starring Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward. It’s incorrectly labeled “horror” on IMDB. It’s more of a dark comedy, IMO. I guess it’s also possible both Matthew and I have really twisted senses of humor, but I giggled a lot. It’s also more appropriate for May Day than Halloween.

Wrapped up the day with The Peacekeeper Wars. Man, the Sci-Fi channel is really overplaying that thing–wringing every single on-screen minute out of it they can. I remain terrifically amused at the Henson muppets, especially Rigel. A muppet swimming (nice CGI effects there), throwing up, and being chained to a wall. Now that’s wicked funny. I think more SF shows should use muppets. There were a lot of “this is here solely to further the plot and makes no sense otherwise” moments, but I was willing to give it to them. There were enough good sections, and I bow to their effort to wrap everything up in a two-part miniseries.

There’s always a “my brain feels liquefied” after that much boob tubing. I have the urge to read something obtuse and deep now. Or maybe something shiny . . . once my brain ceases its efforts to bound out of my skull.

Got a flu shot after work. Itty bitty line, hardly any waiting, but they did want to make sure I was at “high-risk.” The receptionist, when I told her I had Lupus (which I typically just say because it’s more universally understood, versus MCTD which gets blank stares), she proclaimed “perfect!” and shooed me into the to-be-injected line. First time anyone’s responded that way. So yay, I’ve been inoculated. But owie, why is it those damn shots hurt so much? I’d rather give a bucket of blood than get a few CCs of flu vaccine in the arm. Ow.

Writing Stuff:

Finally finished my review of this week’s Sci-Fiction for Tangent and emailed it to my editor.

Saw on the TTA Press message board that “Running on Two Legs” is going to be illustrated by Kelly Dyson. I’m getting good and excited about seeing it in print. I’m so very fond of this particular story.

In less good news, new wordage achieved was so pathetic it’s barely worth reporting. Maybe 100? Crappola. Usually October is one of my most productive months. My muse has forsaken me, the strumpet!

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5 Responses to Tuesday back to the grind

  1. Glad you’ve got your flu shots.

    Been hearing this flu shots all over…tv, radio…they said that they’ve been giving it to people who are high risk like: 6 mos to 2-years old children and 65 & over people. Guess we don’t have enough vaccination for everyone? Gosh, I hope those who didn’t get it will not get the flu.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      This would not be a good year for a major flu epidemic. And yeah, my clinic is carefully screening people to make sure that only the people at greatest risk, like me, get inoculated.

  2. Anonymous says:

    RE: The stum…er…Muse

    I borrowed Her for the night since you wouldn’t pay her new, increased rates 😉


  3. alc2i says:

    You mentioned Kate Beckinsale’s nudity but, forgot to mention Brit Eckland in “The Wicker Man.” Eugie, that was some of the best screen nudity ever. 🙂 Sounds like you & yours had a great day though. Peace, Joy, & Love y’all.

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