Went to see the Cirque de Soleil show Varekai last night. There’s something about the Cirque de Soleil that appeals to everyone, from pig farmer to perfumed preppy. They’re amazing.

Although Varekai wasn’t my favorite of their shows (Mystere still wins out for me), they had two aerial acts that were so magnificent and beautiful that I actually felt that ache in my chest I get before I start to cry. One was the first act with “Icarus” in a sort of chrysalis/net/rope apparatus, and the other was with a pair of scantily black-clad male acrobats doing an Aztec-themed soaring act on a pair of bungee-rope things. Dang, but not knowing the names of the apparatus is really making this awkward to describe. Well, I wouldn’t be able to do it justice anyway.

The only thing that really marred my enjoyment of the show was that our seats were behind this big lighting tower which obscured a portion of the stage, and during the see-saw and contortionist act, the performers were squarely blocked from view for portions of the time.

But it was still an excellent show.

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  1. jenwrites says:

    I finally went to see one of their shows after listening to my friends rave about them for years. I found it to be a mixed bag, and certainly not worth the aggravation we went through to see them in person instead of on TV. We too had an obstructed view, partly because of a curtain, and partly because of the women with Revere hair and tons of perfume sitting in front of us (I’m not asthmatic, and it was so bad that even my chest was constricting). Plus, the music was really loud, and I don’t do well with loud sounds. I liked all the acts that involved balance, agility, and strength, but got sick of the clowns really fast, and alas, they were all over the show. And, of course, we won’t talk about Boston traffic.

    But I liked them enough to TiVo them the next time someone puts them on the air. That way, I’ll have a perfect view with clean air and can zip right past all of the clowns. And no driving!

  2. mery_bast says:

    I’m so envious!!! I’d love to see the Cirque de Soleil at some point in my life…

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