Weekend update – Paul!

Our friend Paul is here!

I’m the only one awake right now. Hobkin is napping on my lap and the boys are still asleep. The house is so quiet, but with a full sort of quiet. It’s nice.

Traffic going into town was pretty congested on Friday when we went to pick Paul up from the airport. Matthew and I pulled into hourly parking a little after his flight was scheduled to arrive at the gate. I was a little antsy ’cause I didn’t want to leave Paul standing around at our predetermined meeting place wondering “Gosh, I wonder where Eugie and Matthew are.”

Matthew says: “Relax. Unless they throw him out of a window as soon as the plane pulls into the gate and he sprints to the terminal, he’s not going to be there yet.”

And, of course, we do indeed stand around for a couple minutes, discussing what flight the people mobbing the baggage claim carousel have come in from, before Paul steps up behind us.

Matthew proceeds to pat him down saying: “Hmm, no broken glass, no broken bones . . .”

I burst into laughter and then we have to explain to a somewhat perplexed (but accustomed to our antics) Paul what the joke is.

Paul brought a stack of DVDs he wanted to show us down with him, and so far we’ve seen The Royal Tenenbaums and Mallrats. (Paul’s a huge Kevin Smith fan.) Tenenbaums was a great romp, with jaw-dropping, macabre humor. We greatly enjoyed it. But, um, I’ll just be nice and say that Mallrats was not one of Kevin Smith’s better works. It was something we needed to see, though, in order to top off our Kevin Smith repertoire.

Hobkin really likes Paul, but nevertheless is completely stressed out at having someone new invading his territory. It’s worrisome ’cause Paul’s got the Animal Thang (*), and especially seems to have a rapport with skunks. Makes me anxious about how he’s going to be next week when we’ll be adding 2.5 more houseguests. (The .5 is ’cause one of our friends got a room at a close hotel for the duration of his stay just in case he turned out being allergic to Hobkin and needed a clean space to sleep.)

I’ve really missed Paul. We didn’t have any reservations about moving to Georgia when the opportunity to do so presented itself, except when it came to leaving behind some of the people. Paul is one of those people. A lot.

But he’s here now.

(*) Animal Thang – what I call the Zen that some people have with animals where they can understand and get along with them better than people without it.

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