Working working working

Sick and tired of hurting, and fed up with filling my LJ with “ow, ow, poor me” posts, so I’ll just gloss over that part and leave it at “ouch.”

10 min/day
Dragged Matthew out for a walk around the neighborhood.

Writing Stuff

Received a note out of the blue from an editor who had previously rejected a story after requesting a rewrite. After some pondering, he’s changed his mind and wants it now. But, of course, it’s already out at another market, one that I’ve sold to before, which makes me definitely inclined not to pull it. Erm. Puts me in a strange position. I’ve emailed the editor back and told him that if the current market where it’s under consideration passes on it, he can have it, but that it might take several months (or longer–these folks don’t respond quickly) before I’ll know for sure.


Wrote and published a couple reviews for Tangent. Also added a new poetry category. We’re reviewing poetry now, thanks to gardenwaltz, our new poetry reviewer. I’m pretty jazzed ’bout that.

Been pondering writing an editorial for Tangent to provide another voice to it, but I don’t really want to launch into a political diatribe, and I sort of feel that most of the “hot” topics in the specfic consciousness are either silly (“What is Fantasy/Science Fiction/Slipstream/etc?”) or have been talked/debated/argued into the ground by luminaries far more knowledgeable than lil ole me (The state of the short fiction market, recent trends in subject matter, etc.)

I dunno. Is there anything people who read short fiction (and poetry) SF/F/H reviews really want discussed in an editorial?

A Harmony of Foxes
New words: 122
Cranked out a minimum number and called it a day. Trying to give my wingstubs a rest.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,624 / 45,000

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12 Responses to Working working working

  1. horrordiva says:

    Hope those aches and pains leave you soon sweetie!!!

    How’s Hobkin these days? Doing better have his bout of being sick?

  2. gardenwaltz says:


    we are together in the jazz on this. i hope your wingstubs feel better soon.

  3. aimeempayne says:

    I can understand why you might want a variety of voices. : )

    I hope you’re feeling pain free soon.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I’d like for Tangent to have a, err, less political voice than the one which is currently prevalent. Sigh.

      • dr_pipe says:

        I dropped over to Tangent before you wrote this comment, and was looking around, and stumbled on a few editorials by that guy who writes them all (I hadn’t heard of him, but judging from the comments Ellen Datlow put on his editorials, they know each other, so I guess he’s well known, presumable because of his position with Tangent…?)

        And, well, yeah. It’s funny, coming back a day or so later to check on comments, and seeing that my newly formed opinion on the guy seems to be shared.

  4. mtreiten says:

    Is there anything people who read short fiction (and poetry) SF/F/H reviews really want discussed in an editorial?

    The wonderful thing about editorials is that it is an opinion. I somehow doubt that you don’t have opinions (even if you might undervalue them some.) So to that end, find out what evokes passionate emotions in you and write about that.

    But you’ve already narrowed your field to something between “What is SF/F/etc. really?” and “No one reads, so soon only other authors will be reading short stories, and it’s a big orobourous like academic poetry circles!!! Flee, flee while you can!”

    So some things that I wonder about:
    “When does convention become cliche’?”
    “Folktales and Fantasy: Are there any left?”
    “Why this story made me angry/sad/numb/etc.” (More in context than a review, lending the personal perspective.)

    There are certainly others out there if I spent some more time on it. It seems like the topic or incisive question that you would get a con panel where you want to ignore the moderator and lean forward and say “I’m glad you asked that.” Not the simple ones that come in plastic wrappers, but the sort of handcrafted question that you think “If I had a little more time to consider or check my facts, I could monopolize the whole 50 minutes…” If you could get anyone to listen that long. But here you have that chance.

    Plus you can unsay things with the dele key if you write out your editorial first. Given the chance to review my words and reorder my thoughts, I think even I could offer soemthing comprehensible to share.

  5. ericmarin says:

    That’s great that Tangent Online is now reviewing poetry!

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