Working-writing and working-working

New words: 200 on the WiP. 34-page bill to edit kyboshed the afternoon’s writing. The nerve, the day job wanting me to do work! ;p But I did come up with a new title, I think: “Mortal Clay, Stone Heart.”

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  1. The nerve or your employer!

    Interesting title shift, from a metal to a stone heart. That suggests quite a change in the story as well?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Yeah. I’m hurting for length, so I pulled out the steampunk element–which made the “metal” part of the title no good–and replaced it with more terracotta/ceramics/pottery details, which I think “stone” is a better fit for. I think.

      Although I’m still hurting for length. Looks likely that by the time I hit zero draft, I’m going to have to cut something like 1K words. Ugh.

      • Sure hope the cuts/length required aren’t driving the story!

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Me too. I don’t think they are, as in I don’t believe the quality of the story has been impaired. Excising the steampunk made it a different story than the one I started out writing, but I believe it’ll be a better one.

          Although I am feeling a spike in anxiety as I plug more wordage in to get it to zero draft. I keep telling myself that I usually do a ruthless cut during the revision and editing process, so I need to just finish the @#%^! thing and quit fretting about the length, but it’s hard not to be hyper-conscious of word count.

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