World Needs Better Documentation

Been poring over poorly documented PHP code all day in order to make a teeny tweak to a WordPress plug-in. (Yah, I customize my customizations. So?)

Feh. Just could not locate where a function was being defined. I prevailed at last, but I’m glad tomorrow’s my day off. Three-day weekend, I needs it.

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6 Responses to World Needs Better Documentation

  1. yukinooruoni says:

    You are such a nerd 😀

    Speaking of .. have you and Matthew ever seen The Big Bang Theory?

  2. lingtm says:

    Just be glad that isn’t your job. I had a program that was 200 pages long that someone else wrote that I had to cuatomize. It’s mind boggling. But I’m lazy too. I don’t document my stuff either. I mean, i know what it does, so why bother!

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