Writing update: better.

I tried doing william_mize‘s writing meditation suggestion last night to try to free up a little word count processing. It seems to have resulted in two very disparate outcomes.

1. I had a lot of really vivid, very celebrity-oriented erotic dreams. The first of which involved James Marsters as Spike–as in the guy who was getting all hot and sweaty with me was a blond vampire with amazing cheekbones and not an actor (with amazing cheekbones) playing a blond vampire. No complaints there! That was all dreamscapey goodness. But then it segued into a shower scene where Matthew and I were sharing a shower stall with Will Smith–a very tall, and dressed in black Spandex Will Smith. And that was a bit strange as while I like Will Smith as an actor, he doesn’t twang my hubba-hubba buttons. And he was showering in spandex, which struck even my dream self as being somewhat peculiar.

2. 1000 words on my new horror story. Woohoo! But I ground to a stop after that like a switch had gone off in my writing-processor. Usually I sort of coast to a stop and jot down a few notes as a pick-up place for my next writing session. This time I came slammed to a “no-more-words” place like I’d hit a wall going 60 mph. It was weird, but I consider 1K in a sitting pretty good progress these days, so I shrugged, saved, and powered down.

I also didn’t take my Clonazepam last night, even though my arms have been tingling and aching more of late. I think it’s making my brain too fuzzy and I wanted to give my system a day or two off it. So I’m not sure if it was the meditation, the absence of benzodiazepam in my system, or both that allowed me to crank out another four+ pages of manuscript, but I’m willing to experiment.

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  1. william_mize says:

    1) Yay erotic dreams! Freeing up the subconscious! Yay!
    2) Will Smith. Roo?
    3) A thousand words is FIVE TIMES better than 200. Yay!
    4) Not even gonna try to wrap my lips around those drug names. Whoah! I don’t even take asprin.
    5) Way to go. Keep the faith, and know that your little subconscious is working 24-7 for the outcome you have asked it for. Be specific and keep your promises to it.
    6) Yayagain!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Yay indeed!

      And my creative processes appear to be lubed up nice and smooth again. Thanks for the reminder nudge ’bout how powerful a tool my little ole brain is. It’s easy to grow complacent about how I use it.

      Dang, I really need to get back into doing yoga more often. I’d forgotten what clarity meditation can give me. Not to mention I’m totally out of shape . . .

      Not even gonna try to wrap my lips around those drug names. Whoah! I don’t even take asprin.

      Wish I had that option. My system is totally fubared. If I didn’t take the cocktail of meds I’m on, I’d be too sick to function. And with the resigned acceptance of long-term prescription meds, I’ve given in to over-the-counter happiness. Mostly caffeine.

      • william_mize says:

        You are VERY welcome, Miss E. Your brain is basically a supercomputer and it has no choice but to give you what you tell it you want. Another little bit of boost – remember – if one person can do it, anyone can do it.
        One of my writing heros is Erle Stanley Gardner, creator of Perry Mason. This guy dictated a book every SIX WEEKS. 3,000 words a day was nothing to him.
        While I don’t see myself dictating my novels into a tape recorder, I am working toward the goal of 3,000 words a day. Or more.
        I tell my brain I want them, and I get them.
        My advice to you would be to find your favorite writer, your role model, find out a bit about their output, their work habits via biographies or articles and then tell your brain you want that, too.
        It will deliver. Swear :>

        Yoga will change your life. ’nuff said there :>

        I don’t know about your personal health problems, but have you investigated body-mind connection, energy medicine, detox and healing through diet, fasting and the like?

        Get bizzy and have a fantastic morning!

        • Eugie Foster says:

          My writing heroes are Ray Bradbury (I’ve even seen him in person and am looking forward to getting to meet him this year at Dragon*Con!) and Harlan Ellison. Bradbury writes a short story/book chapter/poem a week and has done so for most of his writing career. Ellison just impresses the hell out of me.

          I tried matching Bradbury’s sort of output but I couldn’t get much more than a story every other week. And then even that fizzled, so I normally aim for 1K words a day. Sometimes I hit that, sometimes not. But it’s a good goal for when I can sit down and write. And sometimes I get lucky and hit flow and can crank out multi-thousands instead of just the one.

          I don’t know about your personal health problems, but have you investigated body-mind connection, energy medicine, detox and healing through diet, fasting and the like?

          My health problems are big juju. I’ve got Thoracic Outlet Syndrome; it’s a repetitive motion ailment caused by an extra rib I’ve got in my neck. Overuse of my hands and the nerve gets cranky, causing shooting pains and numbness up and down my arms. And I’ve got Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which is a whole bunch of rheumatoid family ailments lumped together under one name, including Lupus–which is the first one I was diagnosed with.

          I take pills. I don’t tolerate meds well, so I’m loathe to stop or switch anything around when I’ve got functionality. Except for the Clonazepam brain fuzz, it’s mostly workable.

          Have a wonderful morning yourself!

          • william_mize says:

            Sister, when you pick role models you PICK ROLE MODELS.
            I’ve met both Bradbury and Ellison and had conversations with each. I even mention both authors in the acknowledgements of my first book.
            Bradbury is like your kind grandfather.
            Ellison is like your cranky grandfather.

            Remember, if Bradbury can do it, so can you. It takes time and it takes focus and it takes you telling your brain what you want. Right now I’m up to a chapter a day (my chapters are usually 5-10 DS pages) and I’m going to train myself to produce more :>

            The only repetitive ailment I’ve had is the ever popular Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I healed that through chiropractic, heat and ultrasound.

            Hang in there and holler if you need anything :>

          • Eugie Foster says:

            I met Harlan Ellison at Dragon*Con ’01. I was so awed by him I couldn’t string an intelligent sentence together. I blathered on about how much of a fan I was. He was very kind to the obviously slack-brained, tongue-tied nitwit who was gushing at him. At least I had the presence of mind to get my photographer friend to take a picture:

            Maybe if I get another chance to face-to-face with him I’ll be able to speak like a sensible person and not like I’m some deranged groupie. But then again, maybe not.

          • william_mize says:

            That’s what I want! Deranged groupies!

            Okay maybe not deranged, but possibly fervent groupies.
            Who are hot.

            Ellison and I didn’t even talk that much about writing, we talked about – The Shadow. We both loved the pulps and the radio shows.

            If that doesn’t get me a gold star in geekdom 101, I don’t know what will :>

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