Re-watching the Firefly series in preparation for getting Serenity on DVD. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I wish I could write dialogue like Joss Whedon. Sigh.

And on the surprising good news front, I got an email from HP informing me that my laptop was shipped yesterday and I should get it tomorrow AM. I don’t know if this pre-26th shipping is due to the emails of ire I sent, or if the part they were waiting on got in sooner. I like to think it was my squeaky-wheel-ness, but since they haven’t listened to anything I’ve said up to this point, that seems unduly optimistic.

It means that I should have my laptop back in time to take to Sundance–as long as FedEx doesn’t let me down. I’m assuming the malfunction won’t be fixed, but at least I’ll have it. I’d rather have a spontaneously shutting down laptop than no laptop in Utah. I’ll just have to do what I was doing before and engage in tons o’ compulsive saves and frequent back-ups to my USB stick. And hey, they could astonish me and have actually fixed the thing–or, shocker of all shocks, decided to replace it.


Writing Stuff

Ooo! I got an email from Vonda McIntyre! I got an email from Vonda McIntyre!

Okay, it’s an SFWA-related email, but I’m still all fangirl squeeing about getting correspondence from her. I read Dreamsnake when I was in sixth grade and was absolutely blown away by it.

So, uh, yeah, the email was to let me know that the SFWA press release I submitted for the Writers for Relief charity anthology (edited by jackzodiac) is up and will be linked to the SFWA Pressbook tomorrow.

My heart’s still all pitter-patter about getting an email from Vonda McIntyre . . .

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  1. secritcrush says:

    psst. It’s McIntyre.

  2. Congrats on the whole Vonda McIntyre and computer thing, but I just gotta say, your icon rawks!

  3. lilithraevyn says:

    I have finally read the comic from which your mood icons come. And you may color me amused.

    I really do love Firefly. And yes. His dialogue is great. I wonder, though, if it works as well in just print as it does on the screen with good acting talent to deliver it?


    *grins* Indulge in the squee-dom!

  4. cyber_pagan says:

    Wow, Dreamsnake. Now that’s a book I haven’t thought about for a while, but it’s one of my favourites, and one of my favourite authors. I’m afraid that if I ever DO get published, and become an official writer type person, no matter how good my own stuff may be or awards I may win, I would always be a hopeless fanboy, so you are not alone in that 🙂

  5. whitecrow0 says:

    I once wrote Diana Gabaldon to ask her a question about a fungus she referred to for about two sentences in one of her huge books. (I was intrigued by the description but couldn’t figure out what it really was.) She wrote me back! Shewrotemebackshewrotemebackshewrotemeback! And once commented in my journal!
    *fans self* ;}

  6. neo_prodigy says:

    i wish i could just write like joss whedon, period.

  7. scyllacat says:

    What all they said. I LOL’ed at the icon and had to show it to roommate who came to see what I was going insane about.

    • lanyn says:

      Me too! I just LOL’ed at the icon too and had to watch it go around like four times. That is just too funny! I just finished watching the available Firefly episodes myself and went “That’s all we get???” Bummer.

  8. madwriter says:

    Mind if I swipe your icon? 😀

  9. friedsf says:


    “Serenity”, this is definitely one DVD I plan on eventually adding to my personal collection. I never got too involved with the TV series “Firefly” till after I saw the movie in the theater.

    I like the over-all writing fine, lots of great lines, but it was one of the simplest lines delivered impeccably by a deadpan Summer Glau (playing River) that made the DVD worth buying and owning, just so that I can hear her say it again. Four little words she says at one point in the movie right after they have been chased pell-mell back to their main ship. It’s in the middle of so much else going on with all the other actors rushing around frantically and giving each other orders that when she quietly says those words they almost went whizzing right by ignored, only you suddenly find yourself doing a mental double take as your consciousness says “She said WHAT?” and then after rechecking the mental memory tapes you just crack up an lose it. You ALMOST forget to continue watching the movie for a bit, but so much action and so much discussion amongst the crew is going on you don’t want to miss any of it.

    I’ll not spoil it for you by telling you the line, but watch for her to say it when you get to watching the DVD.


    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Serenity

      I assume you mean: “I swallowed a bug.”

      Hee. No fear of spoilers here. I saw Serenity in the theater–the advance screening with the Joss Whedon intro even.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Serenity

        She says it with such matter of fact solemnity and aplomb, and it was such an unexpected statement of fact put forth so in the middle of a relatively frantic scene, that it just took me COMPLETELY off guard.
        And she was JUST SO ADORABLE as she said it…

        After I recovered, I found myself saying out loud to myself, “YES! Of COURSE she swallowed a bug, darting low level flight like that at those speeds!” and, I also absolutley KNEW at the same time that the author of that line must have, as I myself have many times, must have ridden motorcycles without a face shield.

        For me, now and for the indeterminate future, anytime anyone ever mentions swallowing a bug, I’m going to remember that movie, and River Tam!

        Dr. Simon Tam: “River! River? Are you okay?”
        River Tam: “I swallowed a bug.”

        Poll Question: What is your favorite line from Serenity?
        Choice Votes Statistics
        Mal: Dear Buddha, I would like a pony… 2 11%
        Zoe: We can retire and give up this life of crime. 1 5%
        Kaylee: The hell with this, I wanna live! 4 22%
        River: I swallowed a bug. 5 27%
        Simon: Am I talking to Miranda now? 1 5%
        Wash: I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar. 3 16%
        Inara: Please, spend an hour with him! 0 0%
        Jayne: Eating people alive? Where’s that get fun? 1 5%
        Other 1 5%

        (Taken from; )

        Yes, the writing is good. Fresh, and origial.
        And I’m SO GLAD you too got to see it in the theater!


  10. alijt says:

    Firefly goodness

    I just watched all the series and the movie myself. All I can say is WOW. And I want MORE. They are trying to do everything they can to get a 2nd season either on the air, on PPV, or straight to DVD. You probably already know this, but just in case:

    Can ya tell I am on a Firefly high right now? LOL

  11. tomaqmar says:

    Maybe Joss should wish he could write dialogue like you.

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