A flare-up should involve fireworks

Woke up this morning with a fever, headache, and my knees and my fingers swollen and painful. It’s official, I’m in a full-blown lupus flare-up. Whee.

So I’m staying home today. Man, I just cannot shake this sick thing. It’s been three weeks!

And further suckitude, I really needed to be at work today. Big testing, late project. Argh.

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3 Responses to A flare-up should involve fireworks

  1. oracne says:

    Might be a good time for all the extras on the extended “Fellowship of the Ring” DVD…

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Except we don’t have the extended FotR DVD. Pook.

      • oracne says:

        SOMEBODY should have it.

        I got mine from DeepDiscount DVD for a very good price, and have been VERY happy with the extras, especially the interviews with the actors. I think the movie is better as a whole w/o the extended scenes, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the hell out of them.

        Anyway, hope you feel better soon.

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