Don’t go to work if you’re dizzy. And inflated hopes.

Went to work today. Shouldn’t have. Got woozy and light-headed peering at my monitor. I stuck it out for three hours, just long enough to get a little testing in order so I could hand it off to one of my team members, before throwing in the towel. Driving home was a little scary. I think I made some questionable driving decisions, but fortunately there wasn’t a lot of traffic.

In other news, I got email notification from an anthology market to inform me that they got my submission. They also said in their note:

“I will be reading it this weekend…although I must say, when I opened the story and read the first line, it certainly got my attention. Nice beginning.”

So now my hopes are soaring . . . on the basis of a complimentary sentence on my opening line. Argh.

Rejectomancy and acceptomancy are dual roads to writerly insanity.

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5 Responses to Don’t go to work if you’re dizzy. And inflated hopes.

  1. soyfaerie says:

    I certainly hope they find out what’s wrong. I’ve been living 2½ years with this crap and no one really knows 100% for sure what’s wrong. I hope you have better luck.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Oh, they know what’s wrong, more or less. I had a cold/flu which has triggered my lupus and invaded my bronchial passages. Treating it is more the issue. I’m allergic to most antibiotics. The doctor just took me off the one they prescribed and wants to see me this afternoon. Sigh.

      • soyfaerie says:

        Yikes! Have you had a chest x-ray? You’re lucky it’s not turned into pneumonia. What kind of antibiotics are you allergic to? I’m allergic to Tequin and Penicillin (and Inapsine, which isn’t an antibiotic).

  2. oracne says:

    Wow, a nice note before they even read it! Cool!

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