All things considered . . .

This hasn’t been a bad weekend. After the week I had, I expected this to be more of the same, but actually, it’s been pretty good.

We got the Buffy: the Musical soundtrack yesterday on CD. That was just the most amazing Buffy episode. Okay, I don’t usually post lyrics, but this one’s real short. It’s the “Parking Ticket” song.
Some of the words were talked over in the show itself so I wanted to share it with any Buffy fans who haven’t heard the whole thing:

I’ve been having a bad, bad day.
C’mon won’t you put that pad away?
I’m asking you please no,
It isn’t right it isn’t fair,
There was no parking anywhere.
I think that hydrant wasn’t there.

Why can’t you let it go?
I think I’ve paid more than my share,
I’m just a poor girl don’t you care?
Hey, I’m not wearing underwear . . .

Hee! Joss Whedon’s just amazing isn’t he?

And Matthew and I went to the Shakespeare Tavern to see Macbeth last night. We’re season ticket holders–“club” members–so we get preferential seating. Yesterday, we sat in the very front. Right up against the stage. I think next time we’ll use our “preferential seating” to sit a little further back. We got major close-ups of all the actor’s footwear and now I’ve got a crick in my neck. But on an up side, the action scenes were very intense. And, as usual, the food was fantastic. Footwear close-up or no, they put on an excellent Macbeth. Spooky Weird Sisters, pyrotechnic special effects, ghosts, blood, murder, and a fog machine. An excellent Halloween play!

I need to see about getting tickets to the Spooky Puppetry Theater play that glenn5 is doing. Our friends Paul and Nick are coming down to visit over Halloween week and we think it’d be a good way to start things out.

And I’m still all glowy about my recent fiction sale. The anthology is coming out in trade-paperback. I’m very excited ’bout it.

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  1. I’m just a poor girl don’t you care?
    Hey, I’m not wearing underwear . . .


    Yeah, I usually don’t wear my underwear and I don’t care!!! Well, it’s easier that way specially when you’re wearing jeans, it doesn’t show. What!? Did you say thongs? Nah…forget it. I don’t like a string hanging in my hiney… *LOL*

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