An Embarrassment of Critiques

The three-weeker on Critters ended Wednesday and I’ve got . . . fifty-one critiques of my “squicky” story. GLAH! Too. Much. Information. I think my “gore and violence” warning at the top of my manuscript attracted people instead of scaring them away. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. But now I’d like to start on my rewrite, but before I can do that I face the daunting task of trying to run my usual stats and review of all the critiques. My God. Fifty-one opinions is a lot of opinions to wade through.

At the beginning of the first week, I was pretty caught up. I’d already logged and broken down sixteen of the critiques. Normally, that’d be the majority of them, leaving room for maybe five or ten more to trickle in. But the tri-week and Dragon*Con increased my crit number and decreased my attention-paid-to-crits, respectively.

There’s a limited returns factor to this. When I’m procrastinating on doing actual writing because I don’t want to go through the sheer mass of critiques, that’s just plain counterproductive.

Hmm. I’m complaining about getting too many critiques. That’s just wrong. Gurgle. Okay. This weekend I’ll sort through the critiques and hammer out my rewrite. I will send this story out on Monday. Dammit.

In totally unrelated news, our 2nd season Angel DVD set arrived yesterday. Hurray! Angel-viewing marathon to commence. Rah!

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  1. oracne says:

    I think I’d go nuts if I got that many critiques…like one of those computers that Captain Kirk would go after and confuse.

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