Ann Crispin RAWKS

Ann Crispin called me last night to personally congratulate me on having “All In My Mind” chosen as a Phobos finalist! She then suggested that I run the contract–wasn’t that awesomely sweet of her to assume I’d be a winner?–by her and Victoria Strauss when (if) it comes so that I can go into contract negotiations backed by their expertise. Ann’s a big writer’s advocate and she and Victoria do Writer Beware so know what they’re talking about.

Ann rawks!

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8 Responses to Ann Crispin RAWKS

  1. mouseferatu says:


    You’re the one who wrote the story that impressed her so much. You’re the one she’s calling.

    Seems to me that you rawk. 😉

  2. reudaly says:


    That’s always a cool thing when someone that huge in the industry takes a personal interest in you and your career.

    FYI – I’ve gone inactive on Critters until I get my life in order. I haven’t totally quit. I could be back.

  3. silicates says:

    That so rocks. Ann Crispin is so my idol. For like, another five minutes. She used to be my idol when I was younger, in a patchy off-and-on kind of way. 😉

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