Weekend in Review

Excellent weekend, overall:

I’ve begun work on re-writing another story I tabled last year. My previous attempt at that seems to have worked out well, so hey. Although I’m a little stymied on this one. I think the prose is strong, as is the theme. But the plot is a little sketchy. Urg. Can a story carry itself based upon strong prose and strong theme? I dunno. And the ending needs work.

Tangent: As I commented to Matthew, I recently realized that I never feel “creative.” This observation is no doubt spurred by the little “current mood” option thingum on LJ. I see other LJers who, after a bout of writing, graphics toying, and/or web development, indicate that they feel “creative.” But even after (or during) a marathon writing session, all I feel is “productive” or “accomplished.” Weird. No pangs of angst here, as productive and accomplished are good enough to keep me going, but I just find it interesting.

Also, I sent out several query emails to various markets to check the status of pieces that appear to have been sucked down a black hole. I hate querying ’cause I don’t like irritating editors who may be waffling on whether or not to buy something, but some places have had a story of mine for six or more months without even a “we’re holding it for consideration” e-blurb! Getting excessive there. Plus, in my experience, most of the time when I query, I really needed to have, as in “we didn’t get it” or “we sent you a reply four months ago.”

Also did some networking on the Speculations Rumor Mill as I haven’t heard squat about my SFWA membership since . . . May. Apparently, I’m not alone. The SFWA is plagued by membership delays and complications. But I got the name of two people and sent them email requests to expedite the thing, so I’m thinking I’m finally getting somewhere. I want my Bulletin dammit!

Saturday we went to see “Taming of the Shrew” at the Shakespeare Tavern. A very strong production, as they do tend to be there. And came home to have a pleasant after hours with yakdog, , girlsonfilm, and Andy-of-no-LJ. Much fun was had. And we cranked up the hot tub. The thing hasn’t been used for most of the summer between it being too hot out and Matthew’s surgery. Whee! I really needed a de-stresser, even if the stress I’m feeling stems from A Good Thing.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday, my favorite kind. Spent it lounging around the house and squeezing Hobkin (as he was a bit miffed with us for locking him away for most of Saturday PM). We watched Ocean’s Eleven, the George Clooney remake one. It was . . . okay. Glad we rented it rather than paying to see it at the theater.

And now, back to the grind. Blah. Thank goodness it’s my short week.

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  1. katen says:

    Hmm… I never feel creative either. Usually determined or stuck at the beginning and definitely accomplished or some such at the end. I used to feel creative after painting or drawing. Not so much after writing. It’s obviously a creative endeavour, but for me, writing is enjoyable work and that’s what it feels like.

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