Anniversary recap

Watched Adaptation yesterday, which was very odd. Made by the same folks who did Being John Malkovich, it’s narcissistic and self-deprecating at the same time. It started slow and disjointed and then turns into a darkly comedic thriller. Weird. But I liked it.

Also made vegan seitan stew. Making seitan was a novel experience. The raw dough, when rising, looked like brains with all the ridges and bumps in a half-sphere. And since the seitan/Satan pronunciation slurring is inevitable, Matthew and I joked that we were having “Satan Brain Stew.” Well, we thought it was funny.

The recipe we used for seitan made a lot more than we needed for the stew, so Matthew’s going to put some in a stir-fry this week, and we froze the rest of it. It’s full of protein goodness, and I considered seeing if Hobkin would like some, but it’s also pretty high in sodium. Thinking about making a little bit of seitan without the flavoring next time (which would then make it gluten) and offering that to the little fuzzhead.

Writing stuff:

1600 words on a science fiction piece. Rah!

Also received the copies of Ascendancy of Blood from Scrybe Press to sign.

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5 Responses to Anniversary recap

  1. harmonyfb says:

    Hey! You didn’t sign mine. I feel neglected. ::sniff::

    It arrived today. Looking forward to reading it after the kids go to sleep. 🙂

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hey! You didn’t sign mine

      The ones Scrybe Press sent me to sign are for promo. But if you’d like me to sign yours, drop me an email and we can swap snail mail details.

      Looking forward to reading it after the kids go to sleep

      I hope you like it!

  2. Satan brain stew!? Oooouuuu…yuck!! 😀

  3. alijt says:

    Man, I sure am glad someone can tame that stuff. I was vegan for years and never could quite master “Satan”. My greatest love was deep fried tofu with tamarind sauce!

  4. alleypat says:

    Adaptation was a stupid movie, and that wierdness promoting McKee, sheesh.

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