Happy Anniversary to us!

Since I was scanning things into the computer for posterity, I also scanned in our wedding announcements for the next time we have a “which anniversary is this?” discussion.

The front of our wedding announcements.

The inside.

And the back.

Went to the Shakespeare Tavern last night. Saw A Man for All Seasons, the story of Sir Thomas More’s martyrdom. It was very well done, although there was a certain feeling of “could there be a more inappropriate play?” while watching it. In celebration of our anniversary, we watched a play about a man whose oppositions were so strong against the king’s desire to get a divorce (because the pope would not sanction it) and the subsequent creation of the Church of England that he allows himself to be imprisoned, his family condemned to poverty, and then goes to his death, leaving his wife bereft and alone. Hmm. Well, the play was well done in any case, as we’ve come to expect from the ST. Inappropriate subject matter aside, it was a very enjoyable evening.

Today we’re going to stay home and cook something together. Either Matthew’s luscious eggplant Parmesan, or we might try a seitan (also known as gluten and “vegetarian wheat meat”) recipe.

Happy anniversary to us!

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10 Responses to Happy Anniversary to us!

  1. gannet says:

    Many happy returns!

    It’s always nice to see people I know and like in such strong relationships.

  2. kittymel says:

    What a very beautiful announcement!


    And by the way, those invitations are absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thank you! As a bit of trivia, I did the cover art. Modeled the design after our wedding rings. They turned out surprisingly well, considering my art background consists of dating a painter for a few years and an Intro. to Drawing class in college . . .

  4. rigel_kent says:

    Happy happies from and I! We’re looking forward to seeing you both next week.

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