Chance, doctors, fat skunk

Kristin loaned us her DVD of Amber Benson’s Chance. Watched it last night. Hmm. Well, I liked seeing James Marsters’ abs o’glory . . .

Also had a follow-up with a couple of my doctors. My rheumatologist wants me to have an echo cardiogram. He’s trying to figure out why I’ve been having problems breathing. My chest x-ray was clean, but then we both expected it would be. It’s really weird. It’s not so much that I get short of breath but I feel like I just can’t fill my lungs as full as I’d like to. It’s not asthma (which I had when I was a young’un) and it’s not an allergic reaction. Humph. Guess I gotta chalk another one up to my stupid physiology.

And Hobkin looks fat. We have him on a stringent diet, but it doesn’t seem to be doing squat. Actually, he looks absolutely adorable, waddling around the house. He’s round and soft and fluffy. I can’t help it. Fat animals look cute. But he could definitely stand to lose a pound or so. Heh. All the people at the skunk show are going to think we glut our little critter with food, but we’re really careful with his calorie intake. The weight’s just not coming off! Sigh.

Writing stats: polished up the new fantasy story. Lopped off about 200 words after getting Matthew’s critique. Sent it to my fellow critter for his perusal. Matthew liked it quite a bit. So do I, for that matter.

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  1. mery_bast says:

    When one of my rabbits got tubby, the advice I was given was to get a broom and nudge her along with it just to get her moving. I felt like a real jerk and I don’t think it did much good though.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      It’s not like he’s totally lazy and sedentary, though. He goes rampaging through the house several times a day, dashing around the living room, or jumping up and down off the couch. So he does get some exercise. Apparently not as much as he needs to lose the pudge, but enough to tucker Matthew and me out. Actually, Matthew and I could stand to lose some pounds too . . .

      I don’t think Hobkin would take well to being broomed. I foresee a lot of hiding under the hutch.

  2. reudaly says:

    I think it’s a sign of the coming winter (that has been predicted to be quite cold). My cat, who’s pretty big anyway, has gone quite round – but is still being active. And all the livestock I’ve seen in my work travels are all looking quite round and glossy.

    So it could be nothing more than some primitive instinct saying, “Must Have Winter Fat”.

  3. alijt says:

    It is true that skunks get the urge to pack on punds when it gets cooler. It is sometimes very tough to maintain their weight based on activity levels. There are tons of great people at the show, and the judges will let you know if he needs to lose weight, and there will be plenty of people there to give helpful advice on how to do so as well. Personally, I find that I have better control over managing their weight when I watch the types of carbohydrates given. I try to stick to low GI veggies only, with the occasional splurge on fruit or maybe a slice of corn on the cob. They are very prone to weight gain, and those heavy carbs can make a big difference.
    Looking forward to seeing you guys at the show!

  4. puskunk says:

    Don’t worry

    When you get to the show, you’ll see that many of the people there have fat skunks, no one will get on to you unless you have one like above. She has an extremely tubby rescue that is an example of what can happen when they are basically free fed.

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