Circus at the state building

So the editorial folks here at the capitol are going to the circus this morning. The nut job who’s trying to ban Harry Potter books, after being shot down at the school and then school board level, is appealing her case to the Georgia State Board of Education. The hearing is this morning at 10AM across the street in the Twin Towers State Building, and we’re all going to watch the spectacle.

On the more wholesome amusing front, britzkrieg forwarded along this link to Cute Overload which made me giggle. Baby skunkies!


Writing Stuff

New Words:
– 200 on the Japanese fantasy-with-no-title. Didn’t get nearly as much done on it yesterday as I wanted to. Foo.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3,059 / 6,000

– 24-day rewrite request from Pseudopod. Squinching my brain to determine how best to implement their suggestion.
– 150-day form nope from One Story. Pfft. But this was something of a long shot anyway.

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17 Responses to Circus at the state building

  1. newroticgirl says:

    I bet that picture is a promo for the smash sequel to Snakes on a Plane: Skunks in a Puddle. 😀

  2. Aw! Sweet widdle babee skunkees! *dies of teh cute*

  3. yukinooruoni says:

    It is a pity we cannot rally up all the Potter fans from DragonCon and have them show up en masse to the hearing and stand on the balcony in their robes, and wave their wands at her. I’d find that highly amusing!

  4. neo_prodigy says:

    re: nut job

    of all of the horrible things in the media which she could protest, she chooses harry potter?

    one can drive themselves crazy trying to understand their logic.

  5. basletum says:

    What kind of nutjob would protest Harry Potter?…..

    Nevermind, I already know what kind (Sigh).

  6. rigel_kent says:

    **I saw you, I saw you!!!** Yup, on the TV, they had quite a few shots of you just behind the Crazylady. On the channel 2 news…maybe you can catch yourself when they have the 10 o’clock news!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I didn’t see any of the footage. Pook! Persuasive argument for getting a TiVo, there. But I wondered if I’d be on TV. We ended up sitting right across the podium from crazy lady and a camera guy. My 10 seconds of TV fame, and I didn’t see it. Drat.

  7. klandaghicat says:

    OK, I’m all for the HP folks from D*C showing up, but BABY SKUNKS! Kittens. Man, a flood of memories of 5 little fuzzies thundering into the kitchen for meals! They were a posse! The cutest things I ever had in my house. Miss babies.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      You had FIVE baby skunkies in your house?? OMG, the chaos and the cuteness! Hobkin was such a lil fuzz when he was a baby, all clumsy paws and tail fluff. And such a handful! My brain spins at the idea of five babies running around.

  8. matt_wallace says:

    It’s my deepest ambition to one day write a book that incites crazy Southerners to a tenth of that kind of fervor. My plan is to see Rowling’s evil pagan witchcraft-practicing teens, and raise her by pairing them all into gay interracial couples.

    What made One Story a long shot?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      What made One Story a long shot?

      It’s more of a literary/mainstream ‘zine which traditionally aren’t very impressed by or receptive to genre works. But this story sort of straddles the line between genre and “literary” so I’ve been trying it at markets on both sides of the street.

  9. miafedup says:

    Long live Potter!

    Eugie, I miss you! I hope you are well, happy, etc.

  10. j_hotlanta says:

    Please update us on the hearing – in exquisite detail!

  11. You just can’t trust those soccer mom types!

    Baby skunks are adorable. I’m surprised that the wild variety would approach the little girls at all and they seem to be making a beeline for them. Wonder if their momma was killed?

  12. Why can’t “they” leave HP alone?

    And thanks for the comment pointing to the HP hearing description. I commented on the LJ of to thank her for writing up the arguments so well also.
    Warning, rant brewing along with toil and trouble:
    It never ceases to amaze me the things the anti-HP fanatics come up with. In the AJC article that
    points out, soccer mom called wicca “evil.” Not that wicca has anything to do with HP, but how can a tree-hugging, world-and-people-loving group be evil, I wonder? I haven’t met an “evil” wiccan yet, but there sure seemed to have been some evil, “let’s burn some witches at the stake,” “Christians” over the centuries mentioned in the various accounts I’ve read, most notably a long list of witches put to death by various ghastly means during the Middle Ages up until the late 18th Century and maybe later (my memory fails me, a sign of insistent aging–I hope no one denounces this old hag as a witch and decides to tie me to a tree–got to stop now and go hide my spell book).

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