Crappy week from Hell

I am having a week from Hell.

I think I’m seeing a trend with my new meds, although it might be too early for me to be sure. I take it once a week, split into two doses on Sunday PM and Monday AM. It hits my mood on Monday and lingers until Tuesday or Wednesday, casting a layer of depression over me for those couple of days.

This week, our car broke down, which didn’t help things, but our Prelude is an Older Car and we still have my Accord which is shiny and newish. And the fix-it price wasn’t horrible. So no biggie.

But then the hard drive on my laptop totally fubared itself on Tuesday. And all of the techs and all of their tools couldn’t put it back together again. I am not screaming on the floor in a padded room because I made backups, but only of the things that I would scream on the floor in a padded room about if I lost. Other Very Important files are gone to the place where deceased bytes dwell, leaving me extremely unhappy but not devastated. The techs I have been on the phone with and consulting since then inform me that it’s something that “happens” and that we’re nearing the life-cycle of these particular systems, which is why we’re scheduled to get replacements in a few months.

Oh why couldn’t the damn thing have held out on its brain implosion for a few more months?

Hardware/mechanical issues always leave me feeling powerless and depressed, and so I’ve got a double whammy going on in my head.

I had that laptop for something like five years. There was a LOT of data on that thing. All gone.


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  1. mouseferatu says:

    Oh man, I’m sorry. I’ve been fortunate never to lose more than a few paragraphs-worth of data at any one time (*knocks on table*), and I’m obsessive about backing stuff up. Still, you’ve just described one of my worst nightmares.

    (Well, worst writing-related nightmares, anyway.)

    I’ve also had to deal with meds with icky side affects, though never anything as dramatic as what you’re talking about. Is there any possibility of switching to a similar med, or is this really your only option?

    In any event, wish I could offer more than sympathy…

    • Eugie Foster says:

      This is the second time a hard drive has suicided on me. The first time was when I was a graduate student and the computer that held the half-completed textbook I was working on with my adviser belly-upped. I learned to make backups of Important Things after that, but following many, many years of uneventful computer compliance, I got lazy and only made backups of Vital Things.

      So all of my writing and writing-related logs and records are intact, thank whatever deity that smiles upon technophiles. But project files, correspondences, notes, and who-knows-what-else are stuck in a drive that no longer has tables or pointers to show what all the bits mean.

      I’ve also had to deal with meds with icky side affects, though never anything as dramatic as what you’re talking about. Is there any possibility of switching to a similar med, or is this really your only option?

      Unfortunately, this is the “reasonably well tolerated” med that I’m on after being allergic to the “very well tolerated” med that my doctor started me on. It’s like he’s trying me on the most innocuous stuff he can and then slowly moving up the scary scale as I turn out allergic to the lower grade stuff. And I’m still on the Prednisone ’cause he can’t take me off it until he gets me on something else that my system won’t freak over. If I can’t tolerate this one, I’m really worried about what the next med will be like as this current one is a teratogenic, used for chemotherapy, and has a slew of other “potential” side effects. What a mess.

      But thanks for the sympathyness. I do appreciate an ear (eye) to wail at.

  2. britzkrieg says:

    You have my sincere sympathies! I too am having a crappy week, but you actually have reasons to be upset. I’m just depressed. I’m sorry the meds are treating you badly. I really wish I had some relevant advice to offer — besides ginger ale for the nausea, which I think you’ve got under control.

    Jaime’s hard drive also crashed this week — again. He lost all his latest musical material and had to buy another hard drive. He is now reinstalling crap, and it’s a pain. We’re there in that hell with ya. Major suckage for all involved.

    It seems like the car situation is resolved. That’s good. 🙂

    I’m going to howl at the eclipsing moon tonight. You should join me. It’s been that kind of week.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Is this hard drive suicide week or what? Many, many sympathies to you and your hardware woes.

      Howling at the moon, huh? That’d probably make the HOA hate us even more. *cackle* That would make it worth it for me all by itself.


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