Day after election day, Imax, and writing stats

Feeling rather bleak about the outcome of yesterday’s election. Happily, Amendment 6 appears to have passed–or it was certainly going in that direction when I last looked. But everything else. Urg. Enough about that. Too depressing.

Okay, one more thing: can any Floridans tell me if Amendment 10 on your ballot made it?

On a light and fluffy note, Nick, Paul, Matthew, and I went to see Star Wars:Attack of the Clones at the Imax theater at the Mall of Georgia on Saturday. Paul came out of it making “bzzt” and “fwing” noises. Hee. They did a lot of editing to make it Imax-length, and all of the edits were goods ones. Ones they should have made for the normal-sized theater release. And seeing AotC on the really, really big screen is awesome. Even if the close-up head shots got a little overwhelming.

And I liked last night’s Buffy. The scene with **minor spoiler alert** Spike taking the bazooka away from Buffy had me giggling like a maniac **/minor spoiler alert**. But I’m trepidatious about Angel. I really liked what **minor spoiler alert** Gunn did for Fred. I think it ought to cement their relationship, make it stronger, deeper, more intense, but I’m not sure if the writers will agree with my philosophy on relationships. If they don’t, then there’s a huge potential for massive suckitude **/minor spoiler alert**. And from the teaser “next time on Angel” they showed, it looks unlikely that they’ll be touching upon Gunn and Fred’s relationship next week. Ack.

Writing stats:
A slew of rejections in the mail over the weekend to offset the rewrite request from Cricket. I console myself that the majority of them were personal, encouraging, and asked to see more stuff from me. But they were still “no”s. And I’m running out of submission places for one story I’ve been peddling since 2000. I keep getting “we really liked this, the writing was great, I’m sure you’ll sell this one” comments, which are immediately followed by “but not to us”s. Argh.

4500 words into a S&S tale. My first in that sub-genre. Belated but greatly enthusiastic thanks to oracne for the market head’s up. Racing to finish it in time for the deadline. Wow, I’m writing to a deadline. I almost feel all growed up.

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  1. Although I don’t really vote, I’m glad that Amendment 6 passed in Georgia. I hope Amendment 10 in Florida passed as well. I’m really against owners of cats and/or dogs (or even rabbits) who DO NOT neuter/spay their animals. We have 4 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bunny, etc. ALL of them are neutered/spayed. Imagine all that money we put onto these animals, spaying or neutering an animal is not that cheap. I’d say, if you can afford to adopt a dog, you might as well THINK about spending money on fixing your dog or cat or bunny, don’t be stupid. Think about the over population of animals that doesn’t have any homes, have common sense just for once. Anyway, I’m happy for GA.

  2. mery_bast says:

    Any editing of Attack of the Clones could only improve it- that whole love story element was horrid. :p I bet the fight scenes would have looked great on an Imax screen though.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      They did indeed! I was tempted to go “bzzt” and “fwing,” myself!

      The cuts they did were indeed a lot of the love story bit (like they cut the whole scene with the alien cows and majestic waterfalls on Naboo out) and huge chunk of Anakin whining, which was very welcome. On whole, Anakin annoyed me far less with this version than the original release. Maybe they’ll include this cut on the DVD . . .

  3. soyfaerie says:

    Yes! It passed!! YAY!!!!

    ::does a dance::

  4. oracne says:

    I am prettysure I will have nothing for that market, but at least someone other than The Usual Suspects will!

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