Dr. Who!

Watched the first and second episodes of the new Dr. Who. Yes, I know I’m excessively late to the party. Dock it from my geek points; I am appropriately shamed. Okay, the show. They’ve either really increased their EFX budget or reasonable EFX have gotten much, much cheaper to make. The show actually looked good (mostly). There were a couple weak moments–the plastic mannequin arm attack for one–but overall I was impressed at the production values on something which traditionally has had, well, none. As for the new Doctor, can I just say YUM? He’s younger, but with the same glib wit and confidence as Tom Baker, and with that leather jacket to boot, he’s all bad boy and sexy! Rawr. Me likie Christopher Eccleston!

V. excited about seeing the rest of the season.

Possible Effexor effects: Yicky metallic/sweet/sour taste in my mouth. It’s like I licked a 50 count of envelopes, and not the mint-flavored kind either. Uck. Also, felt tired yesterday afternoon so settled down for a nap, but couldn’t fall asleep. Undecided as to whether the latter is a good or bad thing, but the stamp-glue-tongue is vile. Bleck, ptoo.

Non-Effexor complaints: My wingstubs hurt. My increased writing productivity this month is making itself felt in less happy-writer ways. Stupid human suit.


Writing Stuff

Heard from the editor of Pitch-Black books that the limited-edition pre-release of the Sages and Swords anthology is available for order. $14.95 for a trade paperback chock full of prime heroic fantasy. I’m sharing a ToC with Tanith Lee–thus fulfilling a squeeing fangirl ambition–as well as Vera Nazarian (norilana) and Ed McFadden, among others. A great holiday gift for the fantasy fan on your shopping list! And check it out, I’ve got cover pimpage!

Also got a note from the editor of Aberrant Dreams to let me know that the signing at Oxford Comics and Games has been moved to Sat. Feb. 4th from 4-7:30. Additionally, there will be two other authors (I dunno who yet) and the illustrator.

104-day “Sorry” from ASIM after making it to the third round. Some very nice comments from the editors, but they didn’t have room for it and it’s against their policy to hang onto stories indefinitely. Snartleblast!!

New Words: 1000 on “Rue and Ruin.” Making good headway and had a flashing epiphany about the ending. Of note, flashing epiphanies are not nearly as fun as I was led to believe. This one required me to go in and do some difficult tweaking and paragraph rearranging at the beginning.

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  1. Awesome cover for ‘Sages & Swords’! Did you know your name was going to be on the cover? 😀

  2. lousy_timing says:

    The aftertaste didn’t last for long with Effexor if I remember correctly. A Pocket Pak strip kills it. If you happen to be taking Lunesta, however, you’re doomed. You can take one tablet and have the aftertaste haunt you for a week.

    Sorry your wingstubs hurt. My knees are acting up, too. We must be in sync. Bad stubs, bad canknees. >;(

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Glad to hear that I can hope for the tacky-sweet in my mouth to go away soon. It’s such a little thing, but it’s constant and really unpleasant. My urge to make a “yuk” face and stick out my tongue is at risk of becoming a facial tic.

      Not taking Lunesta, thankfully. One problem I don’t seem to have (recently) is being able to fall asleep. I probably shouldn’t have said that. That sort of blithe comment has got to be a red flag to the fates.

      So sorry your knees are giving you grief! Is it the change of season? Or stress? Probably both, huh? Since it started getting colder, mine have been creaky and stiff as well. I’ve taken to wearing leg-warmers in the hope that they’ll help. So far, they haven’t. Sigh.

      • lousy_timing says:

        Tagged it with “both.” I think it’s mostly the cold, though, because the other areas ache a bit, too. My hands always do, so it’s easier to ignore them. My knees will adjust in time, I hope.

        There are really nice womens long underwear out there that are a silk-blend- you might try those instead of leg warmers. I’m about to pass out from waking up too early(gave up sleep meds) so I can’t remember the brand name off the top of my head. I’ll come up with it later today and let you know, though, because they’re supposed to be great for this kind of thing, as well as easy to wear under clothes without bulk issues.

  3. Sages and Swords looks great – it’s gone on the Christmas list (I’m not allowed to buy anything for myself between Halloween and Christmas lest I end up being as hard to buy for as my parents.) And congrats on being listed on the cover! Squee!

  4. palmerwriter says:

    Where did you see Dr. Who?

    Where and how did you see Dr. Who? I want to see it, but as far as I can tell, I don’t have access to the channel that carries it.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Where did you see Dr. Who?

      Alas, as far as I can tell, it’s not easily available in the U.S. They’re not even showing it on BBC America (that I know of). I’m pretty sure the only way us poor saps on this side of the pond can partake of the new Who is by doing what my hubby did. He flexed his download-fu and pulled episodes from the Internet via file-sharing.

      The files we’ve seen appear to be recordings from the BBC broadcasts, so I’m grateful to whatever Brit was considerate enough to toss us Yank fans a bone. I hope the BBC puts out a DVD boxed set of it.

      • cyber_pagan says:

        Re: Where did you see Dr. Who?

        may I ask what program he used? seems most things have either been shut down or gone to pay…

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Re: Where did you see Dr. Who?

          My download-fu is but a grasshopper’s compared to my hubby’s, but I think he’s either using KaZaa (Lite) or BitTorrent. We don’t do the file sharing thing much and so I never really learned how to work it. The rare exception is stuff like this, and my input consists primarily of “Hey, I’ve heard folks are downloading episodes of the new Dr. Who online. Gosh, isn’t that neat?”

        • tripper says:

          Re: Where did you see Dr. Who?

          An “unofficial source”. I think I have the same package.

          The Daleks are now genuiunely scary. In one episode, “Dalek”, the Doctor is trying to head off an attack of Earth by just one.

      • cassiphone says:

        Re: Where did you see Dr. Who?

        There’s a box set DVD out now in UK & Australia at least… not sure if there’s a region 1 version yet.

      • rigel_kent says:

        Re: Where did you see Dr. Who?

        Alas, as far as I can tell, it’s not easily available in the U.S. They’re not even showing it on BBC America (that I know of)
        Bugger, that’s what I was afraid of…. :<

      • palmerwriter says:

        Re: Where did you see Dr. Who?

        Alas, my download fu is not strong. I’m with you in hoping the BBC releases it on DVD.

  5. marsha_s says:

    Hi Eugie,

    Kewl blog! Congratulations on the anthology!

  6. wistling says:

    Yeah, Chris Eccleston is a great Doctor. There are some great episodes coming up that really define him.

  7. britzkrieg says:

    Possible Effexor effects: Yicky metallic/sweet/sour taste in my mouth.

    FWIW, I’ve never noticed this myself.

    Also, felt tired yesterday afternoon so settled down for a nap, but couldn’t fall asleep.

    This, on the other hand, could very well be a side-effect of the medication. My doctor doubled my dosage one time, and all I wanted to do was lay down. 🙁

  8. yukinooruoni says:

    Oh, that is fantastic news! Congratulations on both the story AND getting cover credit!!

    Hrm … Have you considered authorizing the Eugie Foster Fan Club? 😀 I’m pretty sure you could, at the very least, develop a devout following around the DragonCon crowd 😀

    • Eugie Foster says:

      A fan club? For me?? Hee! Now that’s a pretty fantasy, not to mention a lovely ego-boo. But even the part of me that daydreams of Pushcarts and Hugos balks at the notion of a Eugie Foster fan club.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Day-yum. Sweet cover. And with Tanith Lee, no less. Congrats!

    Maybe it’s buried in the comments somewhere, but who’s the artist? (I’m at work, so sneaky surfing.)

    Pat Kirby

  10. elvesforeyes says:

    As you probably have come to see, I love Tanith Lee’s work so that’s really great for you to be beside her in the book! I’ll definitely check out the book for both your stories…

    Congrats again!

  11. _willowmyst says:

    If you liked the first two episodes you’re going to love the rest of the series. It just keeps getting better and better.

    Yes, the new Doctor is yum, but wait until you meet Captain Jack!

  12. dream_wind says:

    That is one seriously cool cover.

    I’m thinking of putting the Doctor Who Box Set on my Christmas list. I really enjoyed it, and add my recommendations to everyone else who says the rest of the series is cool (like you need it, by the sounds of things…)

    I think one of the reasons the new series has succeeded is because everyone involved (except Billie Piper, who was too young) grew up with the series and loved it. And also, the FX have indeed gotten cheaper. You have to remember, computers were only just becoming common when the originals were “retired.” I think they stopped making them back in 1989 – when the Apple IIe and the XT where THE BIG THINGS in home computing, and colour graphics were really dodgy.

    I’m just waiting for Anthony Steward Head to show up in the next series. I hope he’s The Master – I can really see ASH playing the urbane but really nasty bad guy.

  13. norilana says:

    Totally squeeing along with you about our-names-on-the-awesome-cover thing! 🙂

  14. There was a Mini-Episode (Five Minutes) for the Children In Need Telethon that bridges a gap between ‘Parting of Ways’ and ‘The Christmas Invasion’

    I am sure you can find it if you look

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