Dreams and Words

Been having recurring dreams whereupon I’m either struggling to remember a numerical combination–usually to a school locker or a padlock–or panicked because I haven’t studied properly for an impending test. Hmm. What would Jung say? That I’m experiencing a fear of loosing or forgetting something, as well as feelings of unpreparedness and/or inadequacy, perhaps? Piffle. Me, I say my meds balance is wonky again. Stupid brain.

Hobkin has been having dreams too. Along with his paws twitching, his tail flicks around and occasionally his nose wiggles. It’s quite adorable. I do wonder what imagery fills the dreamscape of that little fuzzy head of his.

And, on that note, go look at the sock puppets a few enterprising creative writing students made of Neil Gaiman’s Endless family. Oh. My. God. Sock puppets.

Writing stuff:

Read and wrote a review of Christopher Rowe’s story “The Voluntary State” in Sci-Fiction for Tangent. This was a tricky appraisal to write, as this story is so intricate, full of subtext and symbolism. Wasn’t sure if I was being too reflective or not enough. But the story is excellent, even if it did leave me blinking and dazed by the end of it.

Matthew first-readered my Chinese creation myth re-telling. Sigh. My hubby is a wonderful, intelligent, articulate, well-read person. But he just doesn’t grok fairy/folk tales. They leave him cold. But I still value his thoughts on the technical aspects. Will definitely be adjusting the story as per some of his suggestions to bring it to first draft. But now I’m really wrestling with myself as to whether or not I need to be sending my children’s lit stories up to Critters. I seem to have a decent grasp on where I’m at with them, and I’m selling ones that I’ve skipped the Critters step with as successfully as those that I send through the queue. Ponder ponder.

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  1. kittymel says:

    – hobkin skunk dreams – I think that would be a great on-line story complete with a little video!

    – I like Delerium – his hair is cool!

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