Hobkin doesn’t like my body pillow

Had trouble sleeping last night. Couldn’t get comfortable, so I hauled up the body pillow and after a bit fell asleep on it. Woke up to Matthew chuckling and the sound of Hobkin galloping through the house. It would seem that while I slept, Hobkin tried to climb up beside me a couple times and was thwarted by the big, black pillow in his spot. Frustrated, jealous, and dismayed, he then went for a rampage to show his displeasure. When I realized what had happened I put aside the body pillow and tried to pick him up, but he would have none of it. Instead he squirmed down and charged and stomped at the pillow I had discarded.

Apparently, the body pillow is now his enemy.

After he tuckered himself out by tilting at the pillow for a while, he climbed up beside me and snuggled down for a long nap, secure in the knowledge that he had defended us all from a scary pillow incursion.

I know I’m reassured.

Writing stuff:

Queried a couple markets:
Neo-opsis has had a story of mine since 1/29 and I’ve been seeing responses trickling in at the Rumor Mill from them. They said “it’s in the Maybe list, ask again in a few weeks.”

And sent another nudge to The Strand, which has had something of mine since March of last year. They said that they’re “still considering it but are swamped.”

Ah well. Both better than resounding “no”s.

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  1. Hobkin is such a character. I could just see you writing and drawing comics stuff about this guy. It’s funny when they get jealous. 😀

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