Entry 1. What have I gotten myself into?

Has every chickee in the world written in a diary? Gawd the last time I wrote a journal entry about me was for some lame English class in college. Before that, I still had pink clothing, some with frills. My mother thought I was some sort of Asian Barbie doll; I swear. And her taste in wardrobing was bad enough to blind a flamingo. I seem to have recovered fairly unscathed, though. Or perhaps that explains the preponderance of black black black in my closet.

Mostly recovered from Fantasm (which ROCKED). We had so much fun Matthew threw his back out. Poor Matthew! But, on an up note, he’s been spending a lot of his down time putting together his Fantasm 2002 convention review for our website. And I’ve got a tiara! I never thought I’d own a tiara. Shiny shiny. Wonder if I can stick “Ms. Fantasm 2002” on my resume? Um. Probably shouldn’t. Down that path lies clanging metal leg traps.

Getting ready for my belly dance show tomorrow night. Had a scary moment on Wednesday when I ran through the choreography for the first time in a week for my solo number. Apparently the brain cells I killed over the weekend were those shimmies. Urk. But, thank godlettes, I do appear to have redundant neural pathways. A couple run throughs and I’m back on track. Dress rehearsal tonight. Makeup like greasepaint in bright, searing colors. Whee.

Don’t have any ideas for new stories hammering on my door. Damn. But I can’t complain. Managed to crank out and complete three of ’em in as many weeks. That counts as productive. Really it does. Maybe if I really screw up my solo tomorrow, the staggeringly traumatic experience will fuel my muse. Something to look forward to. Uh huh.

Must. Eat. Lunch.

Ta ta from Ms. Fantasm 2002! (Nope, still not tired of calling myself that.)

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11 Responses to Entry 1. What have I gotten myself into?

  1. velvetfaery says:

    Congratulations on winning Miss Fantasm! I really admire anyone who has the guts to get up and do a competition like that… I’m too chicken myself. I really enjoyed Fantasm last year, but didn’t get to go this year as GothCon fell on the same weekend, so I missed all the fun.

    Btw, by way of introduction, I don’t think you know me, but my husband (John Hyland, aka Cullen Bishop) plays AIT, so you may know him.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thanks, oodles! Entering was a last minute fly-by-the-hem-of-my-vinyl-skirt thing. I wasn’t going to do it, had actually declined initial prompting forays, but then after more prompting, thought “Hell, what’m I gonna be prouder of in 20 years, getting up on that stage and swallowing a banana, or watching from the sidelines?”

      I’m afraid I reek at names and I haven’t been to AIT in many months. But I’m thrilled you found my LiveJournal and introduced yourself.

      Maybe Matthew and I will catch you at Dragon*Con this year? I’ll be working the con doing on-site publication like I did last year.

  2. emuko says:


    I never really introduced myself at Fantasm, though I wish I had! But you were usually surrounded by masses of people. ^.~ Just wanted to tell you I think you’re BEAUTIFUL and congrats again on winning Ms. Fantasm, you deserve it! ^^

  3. Anonymous says:


    and i will work (?) with you again…
    glad you had a blast, cause heaven knows i did.

    honored i know MissFantasm02…

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Grins and kisses

      Is this rocket-scientist Kevin with his lovely Taarna/schoolgirl lass, Kevin? Achpth. I suck at names. Much chagrin and “Bad Eugie’s!” (no biscuit). But if it is, email me! We should stay in touch.

      If it’s not, err, dammit, jog my memory some more. I got brain cells loose and free all over the floor from Fantasm weekend. I’m scooping them up and shoving them back as fast as I can, but you know how persnickety liberated brain cells can be . . . .

  4. darkink says:

    ermmm…. well

    rocket scientist, maybe, i have been called smart… lol…
    no this is kevin from signage/dailydragon, blonde guy who has a bad tendancy to not be memorable… *snrk*


    • Eugie Foster says:


      Sorry, Kevin. It’s not that you’re unmemorable, silly; it’s that you don’t attach a @#*!ing picture to your posts! And I continue to blow goats with names. Spuft. Mucho apologies and oopsies.

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