Entry 2. And no, I’m not going to keep numbering them.

I hate early morning insomnia. I’m going to be zombielike tonight when I need to have my brain on high-speed and not cranked down to clunk. Damn. But at least the dress rehearsal went smoothly last night, or as smoothly as can be expected. I screwed up the choreography on the troupe number, but that’s okay ’cause the beauty of dancing with a troupe is that there’s a bunch of other dancers that the audience might be looking at which ain’t me when I flub, and I can glance over at them to find my place. Snarf. I was just getting my choreography mishaps out of the way in rehearsal, yeah, uh huh. We ran through it twice and the second time was much better. But on a happy-joy-joy, the solo went well.

I get to shake and shimmy in front of a couple hundred people tonight. Yay! Exhibitionist? Moi?

And Matthew’s Fantasm ’02 review is up! Wish we had more pictures, though.

Aghftpth. I hate that burny-eye-I’m-so-tired-but-just-can’t-sleep feeling. Stupid circadian rhythms.

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6 Responses to Entry 2. And no, I’m not going to keep numbering them.

  1. Hello

    I wish I could have gone to Fantasm this year and see you win the pageant.
    I have early morning insomnia three times a week, so I know what that feels like.
    How was your performance last night?

    Btw, can I ad you to my friends list? You can me to yours if you wish.

    Have a good day now

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hey Hedgey! (Are you a brown hedgey or a blond hedgey?) You missed out on a fantaburiffic Fantasm. Shame on you.

      But definitely we should swap friends list memberships.

  2. bigrob says:

    Hello there! I remember you! Schoolgirl. 🙂 At last year’s Iron Bartender thingy. Yes? Am I right?

    If so, let’s add each other. 😀

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