Exercise resolution

I’ve noticed that lately my coordination is totally gone, as in careen-off-walls and walk-into-the-coffee-table gone, and there is a distinct lack of muscle tone anywhere on my body. I mean crap, I used to be a dancer, for godsakes. I did ballet, karate, and yoga, and now I can’t walk up a couple flights of stairs without getting tired. Not to mention I’m afraid to step on the scale.

So I broke out the yoga mat last night. Began some easy asanas, a couple sun salutations, then segued that into some ridiculously low-key ballet exercises. After getting my heart rate up, and feeling my muscles freak out on some grand plies (sheesh), I switched back to yoga to cool down. I’m totally disgusted at how badly out of shape I am. But I feel good that I actually moved. I think being at home so much has degraded an already sedentary life style. It’s pathetic, not to mention unhealthy.

So I’m going to, once again, try to stick some exercise into my daily schedule. I can’t complain that I don’t have the time for it anymore, that’s for sure. I’m really bad at sustaining work out resolutions, but I’m thinking that if I log the days that I work out in my LJ, sort of like my club 100 efforts with my writing, I might be able to keep a better handle on my goals. Thus, I’m going to try to work out for a measly ten minutes a day, every day (except weekends, because I believe in weekends), for one hundred days straight:

10 Min/Day

Writing Stuff

Got an email from the editor of Here & Now asking for my PayPal information so she’ll know where to send my payment. Double issue #5/6 with my short story “When the Lights Go Out” is due back from the printers any day now. Finally and woohoo!

Also, anaisdotmfk.com launched early. It’s up, it’s up! Stories in there by me, wicked_wish, naamah_darling, the editrix herself, jinzi, and more. Go read. Juicy erotica. You know you want it!

I decided not to tear open my submission packet on the folktale. If I start second guessing myself now, it won’t be long before they come to put me in a nice, padded room. Down that path lies madness. Madness! So it’s winging it’s way to my Cricket editor’s desk now. Fly little story!

Words: 1178.
Back to work on A Harmony of Foxes. Although now that I’ve once again emptied my waiting queue to the Cricket folks, I’m wondering if I should crank out another to put in reserve as I could hear back from them on a submission as soon as the next couple weeks. Ponder ponder.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
14,434 / 45,000

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23 Responses to Exercise resolution

  1. pagmatic says:

    One of the things affected by my brain cyst is coordination. I could never walk a straight line with a kid; and even these days I still lose my balance while standing still. It’s just one of those things:(

    I hope your situation improves. Just remember that we think you’re super cool!!

  2. wolflady26 says:

    Do you have an XBox? Cause I’ve been using Yourself!Fitness to get in shape, and I absolutely adore it. It’s got a Meditation Garden with Yoga, and it combines exercises from Pilates, Yoga, and heaven knows how many other things, so it doesn’t get boring quickly. I’m fretting right now because I have a hurt foot, and can’t use it! And that’s really unusual for me, to actually want to exercise 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    I guess I should just get a LiveJournal account if I’m going to talk to you every day!

    I read somewhere that it takes 90 days to establish a habit and only seven to break one (why consistent healthy eating and exercise are soooo difficult). So, 100 days is a great goal. I’m a compulsive walker, but I find I don’t stretch or do upper body work enough. I have hand weights on my desk now, so whenever I’m waiting for my computer to boot or need a writing break, I do a little lite lifting/stretching.

    Good luck with it all. Anne Fitten

  4. matociquala says:

    Welcome to the club!

    I think we need an “exercise for writers” webcast. It’s such a sedentary lifestyle.

  5. terracinque says:

    I wonder if I could talke you and Matthew into margarrritas or something similar this evening?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I betcha you most definitely could! Have anything particular in mind or just want to hang, watch something shiny, and get liquored up?

      • terracinque says:

        I have these objectives for the evening:

        1. Skate the mysterious terra incognita that is the Alpharetta Greenway.
        2. Good company.
        3. Margarrrritas!

        Beyond that I have nothing “particular” in mind. I wouldn’t even insist on a movie this time, although of course that would also be fun.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Sounds like a good plan. What time should we expect you? And are we talking dinner again?

          And, err, we don’t have any tequila here. We’ve got whiskey, vodka, and gin (and various other liquors), but no tequila. Is it possible to make a margarita with vodka?

          • terracinque says:

            Is it possible to make a margarita with vodka?

            Because I love you, I’m going to pretend you didn’t write that.

            Are there no places near your home that make a good margarita?

            I could be as late as six this time. But is earlier a problem? I’ll call and update sometime after four; I don’t know how long I’ll be a-skate.

  6. lanyn says:

    What a great way to start out a friday, reading a new story from you. I loved “Only Springtime When She’s Gone.” Very satisfying version of the myth. Thank you!

    Exercise… hold true and DO IT! As much as they drive me crazy, sometimes I’m happy I have dogs…. they force me to at least walk most days whether I want to or not. Of course, every time you post new Hobkin pictures, I wonder why I have dogs and cats and not a skunk! He is so darned cute.

  7. Nice little sci-fi twist there on the tale of Demeter and Persephone, Eugie. I quite enjoyed it. *grins* 😉

  8. jenwrites says:

    Hrm. I have yet to get that PayPal email from H&N.

    Oh, and can I expect a review of that issue on Tangent? 😉

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Well, on the PayPal front, I have yet to receive actual payment. And as far as reviewing it in Tangent goes–it depends whether Jen (the editor Jen, not you Jen) sends review copies to me. I don’t wanna give up my contrib. copy!

  9. tstauffer says:

    I walked into the porch swing yesterday and got a big bruise from it. It’s not like I didn’t know it was there either. I used to do yoga. The Y has classes so I am going to get back into it this summer. I think I might just break out my yoga mat. It really helps with the fibromyalgia.

    Oh, and I love paypal.

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