French convergence

Still wrestling with my brain. It is unrepentant and surly. Did not go the caffeine route since it was so ineffective yesterday, which resulted in a midday nap. When I woke up, we watched Immortel (ad vitam), a collaboration between Japanese and French filmmakers that was totally shot green screen. I’ve heard that it was the very first completely green screen movie, but I understand there’s some argument about that. Regardless, it was very strange and very beautiful. The storyline was baffling, and there seemed to be no attempt to explain any of the questions the movie poised–which, if you think about it is pretty much what you’d expect if you fused a French movie with a Japanese one–but it was gorgeous, full of lush imagery and fanciful characters. I liked it.

Writing Stuff

Woohoo! I sold French reprint rights of “The Storyteller’s Wife” to Faeries, a French fantasy magazine. It’s slated for either the September or November issue. My first French language publication!

fosteronfilm first readered my two flash stories, although he was at something of a loss with both of them. I don’t think he knows what to do with something so short. He liked them both, he said, which works for me. Spent much of yesterday’s writing time polishing them up: editing, rewriting, and tightening. Then debated whether I wanted to upload them to Critters. Decided not to. I don’t usually run my flash through the critique gauntlet and these, coming in at about 1K, were on the edge, but still too short. Printed them out, prepared submission packages, and will mail them tomorrow, which brings the number of new works I have in circulation back above thirty again.

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6 Responses to French convergence

  1. Hey, congrats on the ‘The Storyteller’s Wife’!! That would be so cool to see your work in another language.

    ~Maggie 😀

  2. wistling says:

    Congrats! You know, you should write an article on foreign reprints. I have no idea how to go about those, and I’m sure many people would be interested.

  3. dude_the says:

    Oh Dear

    I didn’t realize that Immortel was a French/Japanese collabortation. Good God! We’re lucky the entire Earth wasn’t sucked into a Singularity of Bizairreness. We really have come to a point where our ability to entertain ourselves has out-paced our wisdom. We’re doomed… Doomed, I say!

    Beware the groove….


  4. keesa_renee says:

    Oh, how totally cool! Your first French publication…and it was my favorite story! Cela me fait grand plasir, Eugie. C’est tres bonne.

  5. jimhines says:

    Congrats on the Faeries sale! Go you!!!

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