Friday already

Still feeling unwell, but went into work anyway. Too much there that needed doing for me to languish at home for another day. Took a veritable handful of pills with my breakfast oatmeal to try to keep the demons of head splitting at bay–with marginally successful results. Head’s still fragile, but I was able to function.

Writing Stuff:

Did some pruning of the “Island Love Story” which I’ve now decided to call, with some trepidation “Blind Love.” Knocked off about 300 words, which still makes this baby HUGE. But it’s almost ready for Matthew to take a look at.

Also received a curt “does not meet our current needs” from Neo-Opsis, the new Canadian magazine. Out of four submissions to them, this is the only one that didn’t make it past their first reader. So I’ve learned something about this market: they’re really not interested in High Fantasy. And now I’ve just about run out of places to send this. It’s a good story, dammit. But there just aren’t that many places that will consider a 7500-word “Adventure Fantasy” yarn. Sending it out again, but I may have to come to grips with the idea of trunking this one until another market opens up.

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3 Responses to Friday already

  1. harmonyfb says:

    And now I’ve just about run out of places to send this

    What about that Carnifex Press anthology?

  2. still sick? have sex… er, you know what I mean. 😉

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