We joined Netflix on their free 2-week trial. So far, I think they’re a pretty slick outfit. Our first batch of DVDs: Calendar Girls, The Son of Frankenstein/The Ghost of Frankenstein, and The Triplets of Belleville. Watched Calendar Girls which we hadn’t seen before, and The Ghost of Frankenstein (ah, the classics ) last night. This whole door-to-door DVD delivery thing, with no late fees even, is pretty nifty.

Calendar Girls was sweet, with scenes both charming, funny, and occasionally poignant. But it dragged a bit. I don’t think there was enough story there for a full length movie.

The Dragon*Con staff meeting is today. Going to take many pills and hope that my head doesn’t explode in the middle of it for that would be rude.

Writing Stuff:

Omnidawn has had a story of mine for nearly five and a half months with nary a peep. Probably ought to query them just to verify they received the thing and I haven’t been waiting for a reply on a non-existent submission.

Didn’t write anything new yesterday as I was busy watching DVDs from Netflix.

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  1. gardenwaltz says:

    i’m impressed with how many works you seem to have out at any one time. do you submit a certain number each week/month or do you send stories out in batches when you think they’re ready?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Typically, I send a story out as soon as I’m satisfied that it’s as polished as I can get it. There are exceptions, like I’ve currently got a story waiting to go to Cricket as they’re already considering several of my works and I’m loathe to send them another one.

      Standard operating procedure with me is when/if I get a rejection, I just bounce that story back out to market after market until it sells, or until I’ve run out of markets or otherwise decide its time to trunk it. If I get a lot of rejects with the same comments, I occasionally take it out of circulation to give it a look over and rewrite, but then once I’m happy with it, out it goes again.

      Currently I’ve got thirty (give or take a few) works out, a number that’s stayed relatively constant for a while now. I think I’ve hit a sort of critical mass. Several times it’s happened that I’ve sold something with about the same frequency that I finish something else.

      I know of writers that have upwards of one hundred works circulating at a time. My logs are pretty convoluted and detailed. Those writers must have a whole mainframe devoted to keeping tabs on their submissions!

      • gardenwaltz says:

        keeping track

        no kidding. my first tracking method was an excel spreadsheet, but that is going to rapidly transmogrify into an access database as soon as i get the time to fiddle with it.

  2. tk0667 says:

    I looooove Netflix. =)

  3. alleypat says:

    I so wish I could attend Dragoncon! But funds just don’t permit it this year (the drive and hotel are the expensive part lol). Armadillocon is close, as I’m Dallas, and last year I did Tulsa too but think I’ll skip it this year, as I’m going to the RWA con in Dallas this year. Let us know all about DragonCon. Maybe some day I’ll get there.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Let us know all about DragonCon

      I will post at length about it, no fear! And with my new digital camera, I will include many pix . I hope you’ll be able to make D*C another year. Soon!

  4. kafkonia says:

    I heard the OmniDawn publishers can be right slow with submissions. They’ve got one of mine, but it hasn’t been nearly five months yet.

    PS — Your “writing stuff” icon is darn sexy. 🙂

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Got a reply from the OmniDawn folks:

      “I apologize for our slow responses to stories. We are probably a couple
      months away from being able to respond. We are a small press and must
      divide many duties between the two of us (and keep up on the day jobs).
      Right now we are working on completing production of the three poetry
      books, which will be out in a couple months. Then we will be devoting full
      attention to the anthology. Of course, we understand your desire to know
      the status of your submission, but it is very hard to search out individual

      “We understand that authors often simultaneously submit, and so we only ask
      that you let us know if the work is taken elsewhere. We will be in touch as
      soon as is possible.”

      So they’re still on track, albeit it’s the “slow moving traffic” track. I’m sitting tight. Much as I’d love to simultaneous sub this story somewhere else, the other places I’m considering sending it to do not take simi-subs. Sigh.

      PS — Your “writing stuff” icon is darn sexy. 🙂

      Thankee kindly .

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