Katrina. Oh. My. God. My good friend Patrick lives in New Orleans. I hope he’s gotten out of dodge by now. Sent him an email and tried to call him to check on him, but his phone lines are down, clogged, or otherwise out of service, and I haven’t received a reply to my email. He’s supposed to come up for Dragon*Con later this week; he’s on fosteronfilm‘s staff. I asked him to come up a few days earlier so he could avoid getting in the way of Katrina’s rage, but it’s probably too late for him to evacuate now if he hasn’t already. God, I hope he’s out of harm’s way. I’m so worried about him.

In an effort to put such fretting from my mind, I’ve been working on laying out Thursday’s Daily Dragon hardcopy, also because the schedule changes are already rolling in. Already. I’ve filled up over half a page on the hardcopy, and it’s only Monday.

So yeah, the Magic 8-Ball sez it’s going to be a chock-full o’schedule updates year.


Writing Stuff

I did indeed cancel out of the “Writing for Online Markets” panel on Saturday. I just couldn’t see how I could manage to do that one without risking a major ball dropping on my other obligations. Fooie.

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  1. terracinque says:

    Every year this happens! Either the Peachtree Center area is put under heavy strain from all the refugees the hotels receive, or scads of guests cancel for hurricane-related traumas.

    I question the wisdom of holding Dragon*Con Labor Day Weekend.

  2. keesa_renee says:


    I’m sure he’ll be fine. Probably the reason you can’t get in touch with him is because he’s already evacuated!

    I’m sorry you had to drop out of that panel…then again, I think you said it was one you weren’t really interested in/qualified for? Better that than something else!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I hope he had the sense to get out of there, but he stayed for the last big hurrican that hit New Orleans–although he did shelter in a place that at least was above sea level–so I’m rather worried.

  3. gannet says:

    I hope your friend is ok.

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