Hobkin is a pillow commando

Hobkin has taken to crawling up on my pillow during the wee hours of the night while I’m asleep, and then nudging me off of it. He’s now big enough to commandeer my whole pillow even when curled up. In return, once I’ve woken and realized what’s happened, I’ve started using him as a pillow. He’s soft and fuzzy and warm. And he’s got a pillow butt. The only drawback to this is if he wakes up before I do. Then, he grabs my face with his paws and gives my nose a “good morning, I love you” nip.


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8 Responses to Hobkin is a pillow commando

  1. mery_bast says:

    That must be something that furry creatures do- Loki (cat #1) used to always sleep on my pillow and then bite down on the bridge of my nose when he waned me to wake up and feed him. He did outgrow it though and now sleeps by my feet and bounces up and down when he wants food…

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Noses are just so protrudy and seductive.

      Err, does Loki bounce up and down on you when he wants food? How heavy is Loki? I’ve got friends with 20lb cats. In that case, I might prefer a nip on the nose

  2. soyfaerie says:


    I’m surprised he minds you laying your head on him. My cat HATES that.

  3. Is Hobkin roaming around the house like a cat? (Wonder how he could stop nipping your nose, ouch!)

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Oh, he’s got free roam of whatever area of the house we’re in. Most of the time, that means the whole downstairs–living room, kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom. We only lock him away when we can’t supervise him. He tends to hang out wherever we are, or if he’s not with us, he’s napping, tucked away in his area.

      He’s a very social little critter.

      • alphabunny says:

        Lucky skunk! Now, why can’t mommy let me roam around, everywhere? I guess Hobkin doesn’t chew your furniture? I do, anything I see on sight I chew, so that’s why mom is worried to let me anywhere but her office. Ugh, I want more freedom!!!

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Heh. No, Hobkin doesn’t chew on furniture. Or much of anything. He does dig, though, which can be fairly hard on the carpet. We’ve put carpet runners down over the places he digs the most, which has saved us from having to re-carpet the whole downstairs.

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